A Candidate for Governor visit the UPRM

By: Yasmin M. Kicinski


“If we take politics seriously, we need to critically evaluate the service of these two administrations with different faces in the country. We must ask ourselves whether we are better off, whether on issues such as health, education, security, housing have advanced, or if there has been a regression.”


Dr. Rafael Bernabe, candidate for governor of the “Partido del Pueblo Trabajador”, PPT, visited the building in the University of Puerto Rico of Mayagüez (UPRM) Piñero, Ciencias Agricola, on September 20 at 10:30 a.m. to share his party’s platform.

The Student Association of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness (AEEAA) of UPRM organized a forum titled, “Proposal for the agricultural sector in Puerto Rico”, which was presented by the candidates for governor.

Although all the candidates for governor where invited to present their proposals, not all of them were able to participate, among those who were able to present their proposal were: Dr. Juan Dalmau Ramírez (candidate for Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño, PIP), Dr. Rogelio Figueroa (candidate for Partido Puertorriqueño por Puerto Rico, PPR) and Dr. Rafael Bernabe (candidate for Partido del Pueblo Trabajador, PPT).

In the activity, Bernabe talked about the food security of the country, the rising food prices, and the drought in the USA which is causing the increase of food.

“If Puerto Rico does not implement a plan to strengthen the country’s food security via agricultural production we could face food chaos” he said, “Economists said consumers will feel the price increase. Products like eggs, milk, poultry, pork and beef will be affected. All these products can be produced in Puerto Rico, but the government has preferred the import market. If we produce our food, we would not be so concerned about the rise of the prices and availability of food on our country,” ha added.

Bernabe said that there are ways to prevent the rise in food prices, but that requires a review of the country’s economic priorities.

“We stressed that agriculture, fisheries and livestock should be an immediate priority in a program of economic development and sustainability; Puerto Rico produces less than 15 percent of what it consumes, making the island vulnerable to international crises no longer hypothetical because we are discussing today the consequences of drought in the prices of what we eat tomorrow.”

Bernabe also said to that public should consider other political parties, other ideas: “We must open way so the ideas of the working people are listened. Defend the small and medium businesses, to employees, to our agriculture which is already precarious,” he added.

“Models must strengthen health and education and unlink of market logic that promotes that these rights are treated as a commodity available to anyone who can pay for it. We have to see the crime and drug trafficking as a problem linked to poverty and inequality. The hardline failed. We must redistribute the country’s wealth. If we continue recycling old political parties and their ideas, we continue recycling the same problems.”

Some of the students who were in the activity had their own opinions regarding what Bernabe spoke.

Cynthia Santana Ramírez, an economics student at UPRM said: “during the conference  Bernabe was supposed to talk about his proposal for the agricultural sector in PR and he has been talking more than half an hour and did not say anything about the topic.”

Pedro Santiago, student of Agricultural Sciences said: “It was a very good presentation, he has an appointment with Agricultural Science students after November 6 and I hope people will vote for him.”


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