By Jomayra Báez

College Motivation
By: Jomayra Báez
The students of the University of PR, Mayagüez partners AEPA the Administrative Professional Student Association, held a conference titled “Motivacion y Pasion; Elementos claves de tu profesion” (Motivation and Passion: Key Elements of your profession) on September 20 2012, featuring speaker Edwin Ramos, father of one of the members.
The conference was scheduled for 10:30 am in the Business Administration building (AE-302). At 11:00am the speaker began, the student Crystal Ramos read the biography of his father which explained his personal and professional life. He said that although Mr. Ramos did not finish his university studies he rise quickly in the workplace and currently holds a position as manager and is responsible for 11 employees.
Mr. Ramos was very touched and excited when the conference began with a reflection on “The Tale of the tools, it ends”… After those words all the tools realized that only teamwork made them really useful and should be fixed in the virtues of each to succeed. The speaker realizing that students began to comment on his own decision began asking questions to introduce the main theme.
Motivation was the hot topic at the conference. Ramos said that “motivation is a stimulus that the person receives and that may be offered by a co-worker or friend.” Also ask yourself, “Do you love what you do?”, “I have a passion for my profession?” Am I doing the right thing and not only for the money?. “It’s important that you take care of the work habits and behavior, and consider whether you are weak or strong.”
In making those questions the students had the opportunity to answer themselves and give their opinions, so from conversations between conversations he finished the issue of the studies. We compared the motivation that you can have when performing a task of some sort with the motivation that you must have to perform a task at work, “at work tell the boss you can’t do it because now I you feel no desire” Ramos said.
He explained that at the time of work you have to be sure that the profession that you study is correct one . Ramos did not complete college, but with 29 years of experience he had many stories to tell and good advices for the students. Following the conference the staff wanted to advice share a message to remember every dream is born of a passion.”
By 12:10p.m. the conference ended with the work done by students. Professor Lizette Bisot de Colucci, the guidance of AEPA association made a gift in the form of appreciation. Also on behalf of all students, Jennifer Castillo awarded him a certificate and thanked him for taking the time to offer the conference. Attendees then gathered around to take pictures with the speaker.


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