Celebration without Recreation

By: Jorge Figueroa

In the week of September 17-21, the prestigious  University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez Campus (UPRM) celebrate its 101 anniversary from all of the heights, like all the years the celebration count with the Parade of the UPRM Marching Band and the artistic presentation of a Surprised guess, which this year was Pedro Capó, after two weeks of cancelation the presentation hasn’t been held at this date. Some of the students were not amaze by such cancellation, instead of others that get disappointed for such failure for the Department of Social-Cultural Activites.

The presentation was expected to be held on September 20, 2012, in the 3rd floor of the Center of students in the university campus at 10:30am.

Something very peculiar that happens with these artistic presentations is that they are actually canceled year by year, and this year was no exception, Pedro Capó was cancelled the day before the presentation, leaving some of the students disappointed and some others not really surprised.

Pedro Capó cancelation didn’t surprise anyone, because last year in the 100 celebration the invited singer Kanny Garcia was programmed to sing on September 22, 2011, and her presentation was take place 3 weeks later after the programmed date.

Trying to find some answers in the 3rd floor of the center of students, I found Alexandra, a Former student of Biotechnology that is a fan of Pedro Capó and she offer to answer some questions:

Q: Did you get surprised after the cancelation of the presentation?

A: I actually get disappointed, because last night I get prepared to come and take pictures with                      him and actually practice some of his songs.

Q: How you think this can affect the celebration of the 101 anniversary?

A: Well this is something that happens year after year, and sometimes I think how we supposed to be proud to be “Colegio” if the social-cultural activities of this range are a failure.

Q: What did you suggest to the Department of Social- Cultural Activities to evoque this situation?

A: I don’t know what their problem is, but I think they sure can plan their activities better and with more anticipation.

Thousands of UPRM student fans of Pedro Capo were disappointed after the cancelation of his presentation at the University of Puerto Rico of Mayaguez. The presentation was programmed by the Department of Social-Cultural Activities of the university because of the 101 anniversary.

The Department of Social-Cultural activities don’t want to comment about the situation because is something out of their control.

Many of the students who gathered for the presentation, they were outraged and looked forward to the visit of Pedro Capó, although this is not the first time that the UPRM leave many of the student planted, for that reason they  were not amazed to such cancellation.

Here is the official announcement of the second cancelation of the Pedro Capo presentation at UPRM, the presentation supposed to be held on September 27, 2012 and take place at the 3rd floor of the Center of student on campus. On September 20, was the original date of the presentation and with no explanation was cancelled.

The prestigious UPRM not recovered from the slump of cancellations for celebrations, but students will continue blaming these failures to the department without knowing that most of the  problems are outside the scope of the administration.


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