Food Science and Technology Conference

by: Valeria Núñez     

Coca-Cola company logo. It is one of many job opportunities in the food industry.

On September 20, 2012, Dr. Edna Negrón and Dr. Mildred Camacho offered a conference about the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez’s master’s degree of Food Science and Technology (CITA). They explained to the students how this master’s degree could help them improve their knowledge of the food industry, what this industry is and what job opportunities in the field are. Students from biology, microbiology, chemistry and chemical engineering attended.

Patricia Nieves, a sophomore chemical engineering student, participated of this conference because of the opportunities this program might give her in the search for a good job and for ways to contribute to the society.  “It is important for us to discover new ways in which we can consume our food, the Food Science and Technology program helps you improve the process used to make our food and create new products with the same resources we normally use to improve the food industry, ”she said. Nieves plans to complete a master’s degree on Food Science and Technology.

What is Food Science and Technology?

            Food Science and Technology is a science that studies the quality of food products while they are in process and guarantees the process’s effectiveness; it is responsible of creating  new products applying new techniques using the same materials used to make other products or new materials. This science is a multidisciplinary program that combines with disciplines such as biology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition and chemical engineering. The Food technologists study the microbiologist and chemical aspects of food; depending on the area that they specialize in, they could be working with the creation of new food, working  with the process of old products or even developing new techniques that could be applied to the process of food. It is important for Food Technologists to be creative and responsible in their work; they are working with products that we consume and must be healthy. Some professions derived from this science are quality inspectors, business developments, educators, sensorial Analysis specialist, food engineer, etc. In Puerto Rico, food technologists can work with any food industry such as Tres Monjitas, Coca-Cola, El Mesón Sandwiches, Goya and Godiva.

The Food Science and Technology Program at UPRM

            The UPRM Campus offers a Curricular Sequence and a Master’s degree on Food Science and Technology ( CITA). The curricular sequence is a program that allows a student to acquire basic knowledge of a particular area.  At the end of each semester, The Food Science and Technology program offers workshops, such as Food Microbiology, Food Chemistry, Sensorial Analysis of aliments and Biotechnology and Fermentation of aliments, for the students who are interested on participating of this program. The master’s degree can be completed in two years. It has 30 class credits and six of them are from the thesis and can be done in two years. It is a complete program for those interested in working on a food industry.


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