“How your Life can Change in One Second”

“How your Life can Change in One Second”  by Alberic Rentas Muller



The students of the Human Resource Management department celebrated a forum on Tuesday, September 25th at 10:00 a.m. in the business building of the Mayaguez campus. The forum was called “How my life changed in One Second”. The orientation was held by;  Sr. Luis Salazar Geigel-President of the Foundation LSG, Prof. Marta Colón de Toro, and Alberto M. Figueroa Medina, President of Institute of Transportation Engineers of Puerto Rico. They all emphasizes on the relation between the employers and employees in the workforce.


Sr. Luis Salazar Geigel


Since he was the only one who provided information without profitable benefits about people with disabilities related to conditions of trauma in the mind in P.R. therefore he explained how this special case fell within “The Americans with Disabilities Act” of 1990. This act extends protection of vocational rehabilitation and how it covers any type of organization with 25 or more employees. Also he explains on how the HRM managers have to extend the protection of these employees and provide reasonable accommodations to those with a disability. He defined disable as a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more life activities and is perceived by others having such impairment. What disable people have to know is that it covers not only people with physical or mental impairments. It also covers those with HIV/AIDS and intellectual disabilities.




Prof. Marta Colón de Toro, PHR


            In addition she discusses how to be a successful professional senior in human recourses and how organizations could influence the government. For example, she provides the Constitution of P.R. and how we have the right of liberal expression. Also how a method called “Cabildeo” influence on how to talk to senators and legislators about social and public politics, in other words how to have access to what the government plans to do. The last thing she provided was her experience in the department and how this department has grown in the organizations with laws affecting discriminatory practices. In today’s organizations the HRM protect people who are being discriminated by others in the work field such as by being discriminated by religion, sex, race, gender or color. She explains the “Pregnancy Discrimination Act” of 1978 which rules that companies may not fire a female employee for being pregnant, refuse positive treatment based on pregnancy or deny insurance coverage to women. Companies must; offer a pregnancy leave (typically six to eight weeks) and offer the returning employee a similar job if the exact one is unavailable at the time. 


Alberto M. Figueroa Medina

 The current President of Institute of Transportation for Engineers. Finally, he provided educational orientation related with the security of the streets and the aspects of the transportation and how this one is the main source of economic exchanges. The purpose of this activity(“How my Life Change in One Second”) is the education and service for persons with special necessities who have mind trauma. Providing information and conscience to students about the different kinds of laws affecting discriminatory practices and how it affects the workplace. 


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