Snapshot Reunion

by: Gregg Y. Malave

A new student association, ACAF (Asocion de colegiales amantes a la fotografia, for its name in spanish) held its third meeting on September 27, 2012 at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez in Chardon-322 to announce its acceptances as an official association in the campus. ACAF plans to organize and discus future events and attract new members and photography lovers.

As the members arrived for the beginning of the meeting, the President and Vice President of the association begun to give the announcement of the day, including the succes of becoming an official association. These announcement were big news to all the members who had been requesting this since last semester. Now all photography lovers an enthusiasts here in the University have and official pace where they can do what they love with others. Who restated that no matter if you don’t have an expensive DSLR and only have a camera in your phone, if you are passionate about photography you can become a member. Also they can receive help and input from others members who are more advanced in the field of photography.

After this announcement they began with short seminars about how the cameras work and how they should be used. Ranging from the basic like: what is the shutter speed, aperture and iso; to some more complex terms like: composition, artificial light and photo editing. The new members found this to be very helpful since the more advanced members explained a lot in the given time frame. One of the members said: “This has been a great experience since day one, I came here with no knowledge about photography and with time, seminars like the ones today and help from others members I can now take photographs I could not dream off”, said Neftali Borges, member of ACAF. Other members expressed the same thought as him.

The meeting included a photography competition between the members. To encourage the use of new techniques and develop more skills since the photos will be rated by the members themselves. One of the most important parts of becoming good at something is criticizing each others work in a respectful way. The input the members received that day thanks to the event is what helped each and everyone of them become better. “This is great , its only out third meeting and the members are bonding even more than eve, their support has been great and the way they help each other is outstanding”, said the President of ACAF.

Last but not least we have to emphasize in the effort that was put for the photographic competition held that day. The contest showed how well the members work together to help each other. All the members collaborated and helped create a magnificent learning environment with respect and passion. In my opinion this was the best activity of the day during the meeting.

At the end of the meeting some short announcement were made, including the get-together at “El Faro” at Rincon in the coming weeks of October and some seminars that will be given at UPRM. This certainly is a great semester for ACAF but the staff members promise a lot more next year.

Example of what best describes ACAF the love for photography, great and balance shots taken by Kevin Abreu member of ACAF


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