Something Fresh

Something Fresh
By: Alejandra Vazquez
UPRM students and Mayaguez community
Casa Nova, a new local bar in Aguadilla, inaugurated on September 22 their new open mic nights, hosted by owner Jose Rivera who is trying to establish and alternative “Jang out” for the community to enjoy performances by young upcoming artist.
It’s a new and upcoming bar that has a very promising atmosphere for the different types of clientele that it has. Located in a beach front property in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, it provides a relaxing ambiance for the clientele with the smooth sound of the ocean waves. “My main idea is to bring new options for the people to “jang out” and to give opportunities to the new artist of the island” explained Rivera.
As you enter the small building you hear trendy music and see vibrant colors all around the place. “I know it’s different but that’s the idea”, joked Rivera. The bar has a small stage where the artists are given just a mic and the opportunity to express themselves freely.
Every Saturday the bar opens its doors at 8:00 at night to a young wave of artists to express themselves to a variety of audiences. The idea is to create a spot where those artists can find a place they can call home” added Rivera. It was the first time that this type of activity was taking place in the café. Since it’s rather new, the audience was small but they had a rather big variety of lined up acts. The cover charge for the activity is ten dollars, which includes one free drink, and the opportunity to enjoy the new artist and their creations.
The event is divided in two groups: the poems, short stories and the song or bands. Rivera explained that with time he plans to open more groups. These two categories were extremely full with ten performances in only one night.
Although the activity is different it created two types of groups in the audience: the ones that liked and enjoyed the performance and the ones that did not like the performance an the ambiance of the place.
Cristian Otero, a student from Aguadilla, was one member of the audience that thought that it was not a well planned activity. “They had too many acts; it was kind of extreme at times.” Otero also mentioned that the staff in general was very disorganized and slow. At the time of the event, the café only had one bartender and one waitress for a crowd of over twenty five persons. “They are too disorganizing for my taste, it was not a pleasant or relaxing experience for me. I will not be coming back.”
In other hand others loved the spot and the activity. “It’s totally different and refreshing” said Katerina Pou, a second year student from UPRM, and one of the happy audience members in the café. She explained that the bar itself needs more organization for the nest time. “Some things need to change but it’s a definite winner for me.”
The crowd was divided and it was expended since the owner knew that there is a very small audience for these types of activity. “But I plan to change that, it was the main idea of the café, to bring something different to the community” added Rivera.

Cristina Jimenes interpreting her original poem ” Yo Sere”. She plans to continue her performances on the next activity.


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