What you need to know about Radical Islam

By: Jonathan M. Santiago

            On Monday September 24, 2012 Captain Kurt Liechty gave a speech at the Detachment 756 (which is in front of the Mechanical Engineer building) to all UPRM students who wanted to assist about Radical Islam and about the attacks that has recently occurred due to radical Muslims. He wanted to create consciousness about the terrorist attacks by radical Muslims to United States and many other countries. “We are constantly being attacked but the government doesn’t pay much attention and neither do the people” said Captain Liechty

Recently Muslims attacked a United States Embassy in Libya and killed the United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens amongst others. The cause of the attack was due because the Muslims felt and still feel offended because of a low budget movie produced in United States that criticized Muhammad.

The identity of the producer of this movie is unknown and the actors did not know the movie was a spoof of Islam. In the movie Mohammed is shown as an abusive, drug user, womanizer among others.  Radical Muslims feel offended and have attacked different parts of the world because of this movie.

“We should respect all religions and their followers but Muslims are just too aggressive, not all of them are like this of course.” said Captain Liechty. “Radical Muslims are a major threat to the U.S. and other countries but the governments are afraid of talking about this topic because of the ‘freedom’ people must have”

As Liechty said these cases of radical Muslims attacks are becoming public and of interest now after the US Ambassador was killed but they have been occurring since the beginning of the religion.

Liechty said that Mohammed is the Prophet and the creator of this religion. God appeared to him and said all the laws to him, which he wrote and called the Koran. This religion and its laws were all about peace and loving. Mohammed didn’t get many followers in the beginning so he opted to add more rules or laws to the Koran. The ones he added were more aggressive and were combined with politics. These caught more attention and therefore got millions of followers. Currently 23 percent of the world’s population, about 1.6 billion people, are Muslims.

“The problem of the Islam is the newer chapters in the Quran which became violent and talks about killing all of those that are not Muslims” said Liechty. They have a “duty” which is call the jihad that means war with all of those who are disbelievers. So basically the Koran says to kill all of those who disbelieve. Sadly jihad attacks are very common and thousands of people have died because of these. An example is the Embassy attack in Libya which cost the life of the U.S. Ambassador which was what made Captain Liechty give this speech because he is concerned about people not taking action about it.

“Obsession” is a documentary about Radical Islam and its attacks. Captain Liechty does a lot of reference to it.














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