A Biochemistry Doctorate in the Colorado State University

Daniel Feliciano gave a presentation in September 20 in the Chemistry Department about the Biochemistry and Biology Molecular Department of Colorado State University (CSU).

Daniel Feliciano lived in Isabela, Puerto Rico, graduated from the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras with a bachelor in chemistry and later enrolled in the ARMY from there he continued his biochemistry doctorate in the Colorado State University.

Daniel Feliciano explaining what he does in the laboratory.

Feliciano discussed CSU offers such as, summer internships and for you to be accepted you need a GPA of 3.00 or more, to have already taken general chemistry, biology and organic chemistry, two to three recommendation letters, and if you get accepted they will give you money for transportation, food, activities, etc. Recreational activities include, hiking, climbing and whitewater rafting.

Although the summer internship sounds fun you will still be working hard and developing skills and leadership.

Feliciano informed students about doctorate program in biochemistry, its requirements and its curriculum.

The student who wants to apply for the program needs to have a bachelor in chemistry, biology, biology molecular or biotechnology, also needs a GPA of 3.00 or higher, a TOULF of 80 (internet version), sub graduate investigations, letters of recommendations, and an essay explaining why he or she chose CSU and why do he or she wants to obtain an PhD in biochemistry.

Students will also take an oral test to be able to qualify. If the student is elected the first year he needs to take biochemistry and metabolism, biochemistry physics, biology molecular, biochemistry/biology molecular or ethics in sciences, and during that first year the person will be able to rotate laboratories.

For the second year the student will be writing proposals, taking seminary classes and advanced courses like biochemistry structure, microscopy of fluorescence, quantum chemistry, enzymology and pathophysiology, and finally he will be doing scientific proposal preliminary.

Feliciano also gave information about the financial aids for the doctorate program explaining that there is a tuition payment, an annual stipend of $24,000, $500 stipend for medical insurance, and guaranteed payments for six years to complete the thesis.

Feliciano as a proud CSU student, gave the students some facts about Colorado to draw their attention Colorado was the 6th in 2010 Money Magazine “Best Places to Live”, 3rd Best Places to Do Business, and the 11th America’s Top 50-Bike Friendly Cities, in Colorado there are 300 sunny days so basically you can always go hiking, climbing and do outdoor sports.

Some students asked Feliciano why he chose CSU and how was the transition and he said, “I chose CSU because of the facilities, the university have the top laboratories in the whole country, and also the projects captured my attention, and with the transition it was uncomfortable at first but then they made me feel welcomed and they were very friendly.”

Feliciano finished the presentation with an advise for all the students, “Don’t be afraid to apply for internships, universities, and big opportunities; you guys don’t lose anything by trying, but if you don’t apply, you may loose the opportunity to be part of it.”

After the presentation students asked Feliciano additional questions.


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