A Bishop in the Colegio by Christopher González Rodríguez

A Bishop in the Colegio

By Christopher L. González Rodríguez

                On September 20, 2012 the Bishop of the Diocese of Mayagüez, Monsignor Álvaro Corrada del Río S.J. offered his first mass at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez Campus in the amphitheater of Celis building during the university hour; it was sponsored by the Catholic Apostolate Group (GAC for its acronym in Spanish).

During the homily, the part of the mass when the priest preaches, Monsignor Corrada repeat the power and the importance of love and forgiveness in our lives, like the topic of the Gospel for that day that was from Saint Luke Gospel.  “With the love and charity that we treat others we are demonstrating that God is in our hearts,” said the Monsignor.

The homily was full of resources to help attenders in their daily living.  As it was a mass full of youth, Monsignor adapt very well to the environment around him and easily got the attention that he deserved and reach the heart of those present.

On September 20 the Holy Church celebrated the martyrdom of some Korean presbyters and lay partners, and what a better example of love that celebrate the Mass in memory of those who died for God, because of the great love they had for Him and for the Holy Church and as a gift for this they received the crown of the martyrdom.

Monsignor Álvaro Corrada del Río S.J., is the current Bishop of the Diocese of Mayagüez since September 17, 2011.

It is the first time Corrada visits the campus and shares with the catholic youth, recently the Bishop Corrada was invited by the directive of the “GAC” to preside a mass at the beginning of this semester but due to the agenda of Corrada this couldn’t happen until now.

The Episcopal curriculum of our Bishop is something that can help him very much at the time to catch the attention of people and reach to their hearts when he’s giving his sermons.  Corrada del Río had been Bishop for already 27 years and 38 of priesthood.

Monsignor Corrada del Río is a Bishop with a great history in the Catholic Church.  He was ordained as a Jesuit on July 6, 174 and he received his Episcopal Consecration on August 4, 1985 by His Eminence Cardinal James Hickey.

Years ago, before Bishop Corrada was named Bishop of the Diocese of Mayagüez, he took care of the Diocese of Caguas and Tyler, Texas, in which he is still in charge.

Corrada del Río was installed as Bishop of Mayagüez on September 17, 2011 by order of His Holiness Benedict XVI, becoming the second Bishop in the history of our Diocese.  The first Bishop of the Diocese was Monsignor Ulises Casiano Vargas, who passed to be the emeritus Bishop because of health problems.

“In every Mass that Monsignor Corrada offers you see the dedication and the love that this priest has for what he does and the years of experience he has.  He is one of the few priest that has the ability to give you some goods slaps in the face with his words,’’ said Radames Jiménez, one of the participants of the Mass.


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