Profesor: Jocelyn A Géliga Vargas
English 3031-096
Polemic Designations

By Wilfredo Feliciano and Alejandra Vazquez

Signs of “continued delinquency “said Luce Lopez Baralt, a Spanish and comparative literature professor of the University of Puerto Rico Recinto in Rio Piedras, denounce the current hiring of Ricardo Roselló as assistant professor at the Medical Science campus of The University of Puerto Rico. On August, 28 of 2012 Roselló was granted with this position.

The job was given to Roselló without even considering other people, the law in Puerto Rico states that every job opportunity in any government faculties has to be open for every person that wishes to apply to it. UPR President Luis Muños, even defended Roselló when media question his Rosellsó’s credentials. This leads people to ask themselves if Roselló is even worthy of this position in a time that the UPR system supposedly doesn’t even have founds to give permanent jobs to professors who have years of experience
Roselló completed a bachelor degree in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with degrees in chemistry, biomedical engineering and economics with a concentration in development. He has a doctor degree in biomedical engineering and neurobiology. He worked as the lead investigator, concentrating his research in stem cell and the regeneration of tissue, in Duke University in North Carolina.
Although Roselló has great credentials in mathematics and science he also has a great passion for politics, which for some it is expected since he is the youngest of the three children of the ex-governor of Puerto Rico Dr. Pedro Roselló.

A recent article posted in his personal blog by Luis J. Villanueva, a researcher and student of Purdue University in Indiana, questions Rosellós’s credentials and accomplishments, proving that Rosello has a mediocre accomplishments for such a high position job with only 4 published articles in a course of only four years, not 10 like Muños claims Roselló. Villanueva also hinted at the possibility of Rosello abandoning this job in 2016 to aspire a political carrier.

Another case of questionable hiring in the UPR occurred just weeks after Rosellós controversial hiring. Miguel Muñoz confirmed that Rene Vazquez Botet, Dermatology doctor and former federal convict, had a contract of twenty hours a week as an assistant professor at Medical Science campus of The University of Puerto Rico, days after confirming this information in front of the media Muños himself said that he will not approved Botet contract. Different from Roselló, Botet had experience but it is overshadow by his recent criminal record.
Rene Vazquez Botet is one of the few pediatric ophthalmology doctors located in Puerto Rico. Vazquez Botet, although having a conviction, is still certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. In 1996 he was the director of the political campaign of the ec-governor of Puerto Rico Dr. Pedro Roselló. He was convicted ten years later to five years in a federal prison because he committed fraud and extortion against the contractors that had control of the “superacueducto” that was being built in the island.

Vazquez Botet was hired at the university of Puerto Rico to work for a total of 20 hours a week monthly attending the patients of the institution. He was given the highly elevated position in the UPR just months after his release of the federal prison.

We interviewed recently at the UPR-Mayaguez and only 2 out of 10 students that we ask knew about these two cases. This reflects that the student base is not aware of how the UPR administration is harming the University, which is as Luis J. Villanueva calls it: “The most important project the future of our country”.
Other polemic actions that the UPR administration had done includes the semiannual stabilization fee of 800 dollars, the reduction of the numbers of class drops a student can make, and the sudden rise of the IGS for almost all of the concentrations.

Patricia Pagan, a biology student said: “these is only to distractthe students of bigger things that are happening in here”, which reflects the felling of a few of the students. One thing is clear to the students of the UPR, with the different situation that the UPR is going through “there is no respect to the fair and just process demanded by law,” said Julian Feliciano a political Science student.


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