Professor accused of being “Soulmate”


Jomayra Báez

Rodrigo Tañon

   Last September, the University of Puerto Rico at Carolina passively witnessed as professor Ivan Rios Hernandez protagonized one of the most serious accusations in the scholarly world: Plagiarism.

   According to the e-booklet titled “La honestidad académica y como evitar el plagio”, academic plagiarism is “the partial or total reproduction not authorized by the author regardless when the rights stop taking place and if it is oral or other form of reproduction, explicitly or implicitly, used by the perpetrator of the act.”

   The general rule book of the university states in section 35.2.3 that “lack of intellectual integrity, shown in the form of plagiarism or fraud (is subject to disciplinary action)”

   On September 8 2012, Janet Marilyn Hernández, a Venezuelan publicist who lives in Madrid, posted on her blog an entry titled “¿Mi alma gemela en Internet? ¡No! ¡Iván Ríos Hernández me ha plagiado!”, where she details how professor Ríos stole her intellectual work from three years before in a document he titled “Publicidad 3.0”.

   One of such instances of plagiarism can be found in his second paragraph corresponding to page 21 of: Janet Hernández’s thesis in 2009 “Publicidad Interactiva que se distingue de su sucesora, la Publicidad 2.0 o Publicidad por clic al consistir en una dinámica de comunicación horizontal en la cual las marcas no gozan de espacios reservados para su comunicación…”. This and a few other examples can be found in Hernandez’s blog.

Janet M. Hernández supplied the evidence of plagiarism in her blog (

   But Rios Hernandez didn’t only plagiarize Janet Hernandez, according to El Nuevo Día, Rios Hernandez has plagiarized authors from Mexico, Cuba, Spain, Argentine and Venezuela (Janet Hernandez’s account) in different opinion columns.
His actions rose discontent, anger and confusion from most of the students at UPR Carolina.

   Once the news went public, several of his students declined to take classes with him. On interviews from other media, they expressed their anger and frustration with the situation.
During the course of this publication, few of the persons interviewed knew about the situation, but when explained they all agreed on one thing, that it’s a lack of ethic principal.

   “Although the evidence is abysmal, the leadership of the University of Puerto Rico has simply kept quiet waiting for due process to finish, not making any statement for or against the accusations” says Jonathan Mena, ” this shows the double standard that exists at the hour of evaluating different types of faults committed by members of the university community.”
   Due to pressures made, by the authors he plagiarized, his students, and members of the university community, Ríos Hernández was forced to leave his position. He rendered his resignation on September 25, 2012.


This is the envelope that Rios sent to Janet Hernandez provided by her blog (


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