Fair Job or Sketchy Politics?

Fair Job or Sketchy Politics?

BY: Gregg Y. Malavé Caraballo

During the past months the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico has been under fire for the hiring of Ricardo “Ricky” Roselló as an assistant professor in the bio-medics department. Opponents say there are candidates with more expertise and prestige who have been waiting for years for this spot.

Since “Ricky,” the former son of Puerto Rico’s governor Rosello was hired for a position that was not posted and without following the necessary protocols, many people argue that this is unfair and say there are candidates with more expertise and prestige who have been waiting for a spot like this for years. This has created trouble all around the campus and the UPR system.

Meanwhile, the University of Puerto Rico President Dr. Miguel Muñoz argues that Roselló Nevares has the credentials necessary for the job. An online article published in http://www.caribbeanbusinesspr.com quotes Muñoz’s defense at length. “Ricky, the MIT and University of Michigan trained bioengineer andNovember 20 that has published in the renowned scientific journal Communicative & Integrative Biology on research that found that extracellular calcium can help speed up communication between cellular organisms, a finding that can help treat cellular degeneration ailments such as cancer, heart disease, liver problems and bone loss.”

According to many online papers, Ricardo Roselló has the credentials for the job. The fact that seems to anger everyone is not that he does not have the necessary credentials, but that the spot for the job was not posted and was kept a secret. Thus, other candidates with the credentials or more experience could not apply. This goes against the policy and protocols stated by the UPR system.

In a small opinion survey about the issue conducted at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, Mildred Campos, a UPRM employee said, “I don’t think he should have been given the job so easily while others have to fight for one, but since he is the son of our former Governor I guess he still has friends in the system. The way they handled this was completely nonsense; no one knew about this and if it wasn’t for the press we would have never found out.”

Other employees, professors and students interviewed felt the same way this includes employs, professors and students. The numbers for the ones that agreed with the hiring of Roselló Nevaresy were very small: 3 of 23.


Percentage of the people interviewed during local survey in the UPRM about the way the Ricky Roselló hiring was handled. Most people opposed the decision made.

One of the persons who approve of the way everything was handled was Daniel López, a 3rd year mechanical engineering student. “I don’t think this was handled wrong, if he had the necessary credentials and could bring more funds to the university, why not give the job to him? I‘m completely in favor of the President decision over this,” López said.

Some think hiring Ricardo Rosello was the scandal while others struggle to keep a permanent job in the UPR system and has stated by cpipi.org in one of their articles: “As sources and data states, there are hundreds of professors who have been working for years by contract and still they are rejected for permanent positions because there insufficient funds “.

But that’s not all, presently the UPR is under investigation and possibly is going to get penalized for printing and publishing a book by Ricardo Rosello about the benefits of becoming the fifty -one state of the United States during electoral times as stated by endi.com. The UPR publishing house has published this book that has only intensify the situation. Students, faculty and other writers are against the publish meant of this book form Ricky Rosello, while many other important scholars, scientist, professor with more credential and important research or literature pertinent to the university students and some that have been waiting for years to get their books published get rejected because insufficient funds.

For some this may prove that even our universities are been affected by politics, while affecting directly the students who could have better professors or books, while others approve of such behaviors.

Ricardo “Ricky” Roselló smiling for the camera after the approval of his position as an assistant professor in the Medical Science Campus-UPR

Ricardo “Ricky” Roselló smiling for the camera after the approval of his position as an assistant professor in the Medical Science Campus-UPR


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