A Hero Among Us

By: José E. Torres

A hero that can make each person feel his powers of happiness and the intensity of those powers to do good in others who are in need. Who gives to others without expecting to receive nothing in return. Who can help many people in different circumstances and feel joyful that he has made a change in that person’s life.

This hero, when young he went to school like every normal kid yet he was different from all of the students who surround him. At an early age, his father left the house leaving him, his two older brothers and his mother. “When that happened I felt I was the one who had to assume the responsibility to support my family and so I did” he says.

He never expected anything in return because to him it was an obligation to help his family. Even though he had a job at a local pizzeria a few hours a week he did not abandoned school and he also did good in school keeping his grades and responsibility in every assignment.

Because of his well-developed social skills he made friends everywhere he would go. Till this day he is that same person which is an absolute pleasure to work with him and see how many people greet this hero with so much enthusiasm and joy; “Hi, how are you? It is so good to see you, how is your mom?”, many customers say with a smile on their face.

Water up to half way damaged everything they had on the house.

Water up to half way damaged everything they had on the house.

Unfortunately, life has given him many difficult challenges that with great courage and motivation he has overcome. Nature left a mark in his life, when on the night of September 29, 2008 non-stopping hard rains surprised him and his mother when water got into the house. “I have struggled through difficult times but to see our house with water was painful” he says.

His life as a college student was not the easiest part of life. Living at the far end of city of Cabo Rojo and not having a car to get to the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez campus; he had to walk long distances and take rides with people from the neighborhood that worked in town if not take a cab which he tried to avoid to make sure he had enough money to eat.

When beginning college he was diagnosed with cancer, such a hard knock at an early age. He overcame that obstacle thanks to God and many people who were there for him and prayed for his life. The community made certain activities to gather money and help cover the treatment expenses. “I would be eternally grateful to those who gave me support to pass those difficult times” he says.

Not too long ago his mother, who has become mentally unstable, this was the greatest challenge of them all. That is the only thing he has and seeing her in that situation for sure takes all his powers away, but he still stands and battles with that situation taking her to every doctor’s appointment, managing her medications taking good care of her.

Edwin Acosta at the Christmas Celebration. Smiling is this heroe`s power.

Edwin Acosta at the Christmas Celebration. Smiling is this heroe`s power.

You may think situations like this may take a hero down, but not this hero. At the end of the day he still has the power of a smile.“This kid has a huge heart, I admire his courage of handling so many situations and yet be prepared to overcome any obstacle” says his uncle Junior.

Today he is very grateful to all the people who have helped him in the difficult times of his life but most grateful is each person who has the pleasure to meet such a great unknown hero as Mr. Edwin Acosta. If you for some reason pass by a small lumberyard in Combate in Cabo Rojo, and need something for your house ask, for him to assist and you would see the great power he has to help.


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