Life with Migdalia: Her Adoption Story

 By: Patricia Flores

“Adoption means the greatest gift of love that could ever be given or could ever be received,” said mother of three Migdalia Torres.

Migdi, like her friends and family call her, is a 30 years old woman with black long hair, white skin, and a lover of rock music.

“You can catch Migdi in every rock concert you can imagine, and in the 80s she never missed one. She was loyal to her rock artists,” said her mother Migdalia Flores.

She grew up in a big family with two brothers and two sisters under the same roof. But she was always the “black sheep” of her family. She was a rebel, a dark girl and most weekends she ran away. “She never liked going to school but she is a brilliant person,” said her mother.

She got into the University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras and studied business administration. In her third year of college that’s when her life started to change.

“You can’t deny it she loved to party but thank God for that because in one of those parties is where she met the love of her life,” said her brother Mario Torres.

They met when she was 20 years old. They were friends for over a year before they realized how much they wanted to be together. Shortly after graduation they got engaged and got married.

“We have always looked forward to having children, biological ones as well as adopted. We just love kids”.

At the age of 24, Migdi had her first son. Excited for this she gave him everything.

Migdi’s best friend Arelys Cruz is adopted so that has always been an option for her. “She has a huge heart, its incredible how much she cares for other people, and how much she has changed during the years,” said Arelys.

That’s why she and her husband decided a year after their first son was born to adopt a baby.

“This was a dream of her to adopt a child. And to find a husband that supported her with that was really incredible” said her best friend.

In a flurry of home studies, paper chases, notaries and emotional fatigue, they pursued first a girl. Two months later, they were matched with a birth mother.

“You’re going to have a baby girl!” their agency called to tell them. They quickly asked for information about the couple that chose them. They were a few years older than them. “And so began our adoption story, one that was anything but typical” said Migdi.

“Is Axel adopted also?” people would ask them when they heard they were adopting. “No? Then why are you adopting this time?”

“We didn’t do it because I can’t conceive, we did it because there are hundreds of children around the world that don’t have a family and I want to help some of those kids, even if it is one or two kids” mentioned Migdi.

People seemed shocked to hear that a young couple, able to bear children, chose to adopt a baby girl.

“I used to worry about the relationship we would have with the birth parents of our child” said Migdi. They didn’t know if they wanted to know them or if they wanted to continue a relationship after the baby was born. But all the questions and worries vanished when Migdi and her husband met the couple.

“I look forward to the day I can tell Amanda how strong and determined, how realistic and levelheaded her birthmother is,” said Migdi.

Two years has passed now since they had their first adopted child and now they are talking about adopting another kid. Her husband a little overwhelmed with the idea gave it a lot of thought but finally gave in to it and agreed to do it.

Same paperwork’s, same nerves, they decided they wanted another girl. And a couple of months later they got a call from the agency that they were going to have a baby.

“My life was perfect. I had everything I ever wanted, three children and a loving husband. I couldn’t ask for anything else.”

“Migdi is a wonderful mother. She is patient, trusting and the most giving person I have ever known” said her best friend Arelys.

“Migdi is a natural with children, given her great sense of humor, and love and games,” mentions her mother.

A couple of months after the third child, a tragedy happened. Her husband had been in a car accident.

“I remember the phone call like it was yesterday. I was playing with my kids, waiting for him to come home after work. I just couldn’t believe it,” said Migdi.

She rushed to the hospital but when she got there he was declared dead. Her life had changed but she knew she had to continue her life because of her kids.

“I couldn’t give up, I had three children to love and raise.”

Today Migdalia continues to send pictures and letters to the birth parents. She is working hard so that her kids can become great human beings.


"I have no other real way to describe what has been the most precious and selfless gift that I have gotten, three times"

Migdalia with her daughter, who knew that no greater love could exist than what she would have for her children.

“I have no other real way to describe what has been the most precious and selfless gift that I have gotten, three times”




Migdalia with her daughter, who knew that no greater love could exist than what she would have for her children.



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