Not an Ordinary Hero by Alberic Rentas Müller

              One Sunday morning, Brian wakes up in a life full of choices and opportunities to succeed in life, be a professional and be a prominent man with little to care for until his high school graduation, but that suddenly changes as he confronts the biggest challenge of his life. In life you have to give to receive or as many of you say “give water to an early seed to see her fruits in the early spring”. And in this special case no phrase suits better a life of a man.

         Brian Jonathan Martinez Rodriguez was born on New York in Queens on the fall of 1992; he’s over 6 feet tall and weighs about 200 pounds. He quickly moved to Puerto Rico with his mother, Rosa Rodriguez, suddenly after his parent’s divorce. As a child he grew up in Guanica P.R. in a “barrio” called Mari Antonia. He was always a happy kid growing up very social and friendly with everyone, setting an example for the other kids in the school at a young age. That sector of Guanica is known for the bad reputation of the town’s drugs sectors and deaths scenes, all the bad news of the town always comes from that sector in a way that they gain respect from the outsiders of the town. But because of his self-sufficiency he was always looking forward of meeting new friends and quickly became friends with the locals of the atrocious neighborhood.

          One Monday afternoon I was with Brian at his house when suddenly he invited some friends of his over and he started offering me some drugs, I looked at him and said

“Are you crazy? What’s a matter with you, are you insane or something man come on! I never imagine that you would turn on to be this way.”(Looking at Brian full of disappointment)

            He looked at me like and said, “Man you don’t look at me like that when you don’t know what I’m going throw every day! It’s like life is not fair to me man.”

            I saw him crying as if he was lost in a world with no escape, “Brian you know me your whole life man, you know you can trust me.” I said, after that he explained to me that he was going to be a father without even graduating from high school and that his mother threw him out of the house for family reasons. Soon after that he dropped out of school and he lost himself completely.

            I, as his best friend, kept in touch with him for a while and life turned around for him upside down like some angel was guiding him all the way. Some of us like to think that we have a purpose in life, and Brian’s life is a true example. 

            On January 4 in the old San Juan was held an electronic fest concert of the drum and base music icon “Skrillex”, it was a one in a lifetime experience. Two weeks before the concert I received an unknown phone call with a strange zip code destination, I answer it and it was Brian. I was so surprised and after some extended hours we did some catch up of our lives, we talked and before we hang up the phones he invited me to that one in a life time experience, the “Skrillex” concert.  

            When we arrived at the Third Millennium Park in San Juan we quickly took of where we were at a time 2 years ago “Wao!, Man you look so different. Is good to see you man, like old times. So how life’s treating you my friend?” I said to him. “Well you never know that just being honest to yourself and to the people you care about was just what I needed to put myself back to the way I was ” he said, “And having a little angel with you makes it a lot easier” he said smiling referring to his daughter  Danielle.

            “Danielle is the best thing that could ever happen to me” he said with the happiest expression in his face. Danielle is about 2 years old; she wakes up and wants her father to sing to her all the mornings after work. “She’s my little princess; she’s the only one who could make me laugh in a tough day” he said looking at her with that unique one of a kind father look.

            Thanks to some life experiences we change for the good or bad of our life’s, they can make you tougher, stronger and wiser, and in special cases heroes. Brian is currently working in New York as a billboards design engineer; he quit his addiction of life threatening habits a long time ago and stud up for his family and his own child Danielle. At a young age Brian was put to task to bring a life to the world, with little knowledge of them (newborns), and to provide her the necessary resources that a newborn demands, he persevered. He is at the happiest moment of his life and with no regrets he looks a few years back giving thanks to the day that he became a father the day that he became truly a man. Now he is providing Danielle with all of those resources and more but “It was never easy” he exclaimed smiling


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