The legacy of Kris Kringle Miguel Hernández Román

The legacy of Kris Kringle


Miguel Hernández Román

      “The path of the Lord lead me elsewhere at first” said Dr. Rivera, As Dr. Emanuel Rivera González felt that empty feeling inside when most of us don’t feel satisfied with our professional and eventually personal life, because working as an inventory specialist might not be the “cup of tea” for those who want to do more for the other ones who cant and even want to.

I went on to study medicine with Jesus as my north “manifested M.D. Rivera.

I went on to study medicine with Jesus as my north “manifested M.D. Rivera.

But learning for the future doesn’t affect the past as there is an old saying “First we change ourselves then we change the world”, the world is so complicated than even the will of a single man can change it entirely because most humans fear change. A drug addict can be your best witness in this case because for Emanuel Rivera“It’s hard to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped” said M.D. Rivera.

Most of us have with a million things to do in our daily jobs or schools always tend to look in one way and that’s our way because pressure and pride always get to us before making a stop to think if the person next to me needed help and we ignored because we had better things to do. Dr. Rivera González can never have this dilemma because his getting new cases and updating old cases and at the end of the day he can say “I helped others and I’m proud of it”, concluded Rivera.

Dr. Rivera and his collaborators in a health fair searching for people who need and want help.

Dr. Rivera and his collaborators in a health fair searching for people who need and want help.

“A clear path of thinking is the right way to live as the addiction to drugs is not in this category I can give you faith of this but is still a phenomenon far from understanding but I signed to try to do it and cure it along with other diseases, as this is the negative slope of self steam of the people that dint value themselves”, expressed Rivera.

For being a superhero there is no need for superpowers more than that for being an unknown hero there is no need to be professional just the will to help as some of the Dr. Rivera’s collaborators are electronic technicians, electricians , teachers and anyone with devotion to serve others.

“We need to start in home, there was once a farmer who got mad because he need to pick up all the dropped wheat by the others farmers but as soon he realize that the one behind him was picking up his dropped wheat he understand everything completely. Kids and teenagers need to understand that there will always be people with lots and fewer resources and we should have devotion to help the ones with fewer resources, a conscious world makes a better world” said M.D. Rivera.

But there has to be support as every team has cheerleaders especially for the most valuable player, there is no exception with Rivera’s family whose 120 percent support has been breaking the statistics.

The only thing that keeps a hero alive is legacy that’s why Rivera found out that the most satisfactory moment of his life was when he became a dad and teaching them the values that he had learned through his life.

This is an unknown visionary hero who even not closed friends call him “one of the nicest and kindest guys I’ve ever met”, expressed Vice-president of the University Health Sciences (UHSA) Lyzette Roman Carasquillo. Needless to say that it was Roman who referred me to Rivera as a candidate for this story.

Kris Kringle  few can relate to the name as he is mostly known as a man who brought peace and joy to those who needed. But society’s image has torched this apart by creating an image of a “magician” whose only excuse is to come once a year to fulfill selfish requirements. Just like the excuse of studying medicine because it pays well when clearly when clearly the true doctor is a professional with devotion to serve others by bringing them peace and joy.


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