Unknown Hero

By: Juan M. Perez Santiago

Social problems surrounding the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, also known as the Colegio, were discussed on Thursday Feb. 7, 2013 at the nursing’s amphitheater located inside the campus.

Fernando Picó, a history professor at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras, conducted a conference that compared today’s social problems with a tale called La Universidad Sin Entorno. The tale is about a Guaynabito student that has to learn the hard way how to adapt from a private school to a public one after his father lost his job.

“We can’t learn to swim if we don’t throw ourselves into the water” Picó said. The education system in Puerto Rico (PR) had declined on the last decade due to a weak economy and a lack of planning from the PR government.

“I really like the story of La Universidad Sin Entorno because every description that Pico told us about the Guaynabito student was very familiar with my life as a University student” said Mayra F. Perez, a psychology student at the Colegio.

The professor promoted a “necessary accompaniment” as a possible solution to a lot of students lacking the knowledge skills to finish a career. He has distinguished himself by his total dedication to the cause of the less fortunate and the study of the history of Puerto Rico.

Pico was interviewed by few students and he answered with a lot of confidence and respect, something you can expect from a professional with his experience.

Fernando Pico considered the father of Puerto Rican History

Fernando Picó considered the father of Puerto Rican History


Born on Santurce August 15, 1941 Picó was raised from a humble family. He has distinguished himself by his total dedication to the cause of the less fortunate and the study of the history of Puerto Rico.

His book General History of Puerto Rico is a must in a PR history course. For his dedication and commitment as a historian he is a perfect example for newer historians in the island.


Softball Janes remain undefeated

"This season we have defeated the UPR Cayey, UPR Arecibo, UPR Ponce, UPR Carolina and UPR Utuado. Also the University of Turabo, the Catholic University of Ponce and today the Tigers from the Intermerican University of Puerto Rico." Karla Cruz, second basewoman of the UPRM softball team said.

“This season we have defeated the UPR Cayey, UPR Arecibo, UPR Ponce, UPR Carolina and UPR Utuado. Also the University of Turabo, the Catholic University of Ponce and today the Tigers from the Intermerican University of Puerto Rico.” Karla Cruz, second basewoman of the UPRM softball team said.

Colegio’s female softball team, better known as “Las Juanas,” defeated the Tigers from the Interamerican University 4-3, last Monday February 18, at the UPRM park. The Janes have prevailed undefeated this season.

The 2012 softball champions started powerfully with the first run, made by Heidy Astor, the co-captain of the team. In the next entrance, the Tigers made two runs, after two outs, taking control of the game with a 2-1 score.

In the 6th entrance, with full bases, Janes rookie, Yazmin Torres tied the game. The opponents once again lead the game with a run from the 3rd base scoring 3-2. The Janes felt the pressure and headed for the next run tying the tremendous game 3-3. The moment of glory was felt when Yazmin Torres made the winning run defeating the Interamerican Tigers 4-3. The crowd were all smiles manifesting their excitement.

The second baseman rookie, Karla Cruz said that “The game was schedule for 1:00 p.m., but both of the teams were here since 11:00 a.m. to take the time to warm-up, bend-up and prepare ourselves to play. It was a great game! We came to a tie 3-3, but we refuse to lose and made the last run, winning 4-3. Still undefeated in the league. We are very happy!”

The game was a battle, both teams played with their individual skills. The Janes seems very enthusiastic to prevail champions of the LAI tournament this year. They have defeated all of their opponents taking down the universities all around the island, keeping a 7-0 record. “This season we defeated the UPR Arecibo, UPR Ponce, UPR Carolina and UPR Utuado. Also the University of Turabo, the Catholic University of Ponce and today the Tigers from the Intermerican University of Puerto Rico,” said Cruz. Colegio’s Janes will go back to work next week. The next games will be with the universities of UPR Humacao, UPR Río Piedras, UPR Aguadilla, UPR Bayamón, UPR Carolina and the Universidad Metropolitana.

Las Juanas Win Again!

By: José G Grau

Las Juanas beats their eternal rivals Las Buhas in front of a full house on a close and exciting game. Las Juanas improved to an 8-0 record on February 26.

The champions defended their home against the 2009 champions Las Buhas from the University of Puerto Rico – Humacao (UPRH).

Between the two teams there is some rivalry since throughout history both teams have become the queens of the Women’s Softball League of the Interuniversity Athletic League (LAI), together with Las Cocodrilas from the Metropolitan University (UMET) of Cupey.

Las Juanas started on the mound with pitcher Jomarie Martínez, she and the team counted, as usual, with the support of their green blood college fans, in what was a joyful and close game where fans with team’s shirts and musical instruments sang choruses in relation with the flow of the game. The players of both teams were influenced positively by their respective teams.

Besides, Las Juanas started the game a bit cold. In the third inning the game was 4-0. Las Juanas committed a few mistakes and can’t make the bats sounds through the second inning.

Therefore for the third inning the attack began when Las Juanas opened the inning with two base hits. The joy could be seen in the face of Juanas fans and players, who suddenly where singing louder than Las Buhas.  The fans played a huge role in the outcome of the game, supporting their respective teams, in what was a family and completely healthy event.

A fan who declined to be identified said “I’m more than nervous; I think that today we lost our unbeaten record, I do not even want to see this”. Las Juanas have a loyal and sensitive kind of fans.

In the fourth inning Las Juanas takes the lead due to an RBI single by Quetsy Colon Nadal. From this point the match took a twist that favored Las Juanas throughout the night.

Then Mayagüez started the sixth inning with a inside the park home run that was a dagger to the opponent, ensuring their victory over UPRH pride, finishing with a score of 7 – 5 in favor of Las Juanas.

Moreover Las Juanas are currently in the second place in LAI’s standings, led by Las Jerenzanas of UPR – Rio Piedras, while in the third place the 2011 champions Las Cocodrilas still hunting for a better position.

Amanda Dee Moreno, who played catcher since 10 years old, tell us how important this game was for her team in order to established power and leadership in the league because they are closer to the LAI semifinals, which begin on March 24.

The chemistry between Las Juana’s players has been increasing in recently years

The chemistry between Las Juana’s players has been increasing in recently years

“Las Juanas are supported by the entire college community and the fans are letting us know throughout the season. They want Las Juanas to show and demonstrate that we are the defending champions” said Moreno.

The UPRM has being blessed with a series of brilliant performances that reach our days on who earned 8 championships and 9 sub-championships.  There are many young people who have worn the green and white colors of our institution over the years with dignity and pride.

Among the most prominent players in this match were Marie Mar Ramos Colon, Quetsy Nadal, Marliz Oliveras and Jomarie Martinez.

Successful play named “Macho-Menos” by UPRM students

By: Yesenia M. Malavé Vázquez

February 21, 2013

Hour Glass

Target Audience: UPRM domestic Violence victims

Campus Life Office at University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez (UPRM) presented a monologue on Thursday, February 21, 2013, titled “Macho-menos” in honor to those women who suffer of domestic violence.  During the activity they also offered emergency plans for all the victims of domestic violence inside the campus.

This was a monologue performed by a man acting three roles. The role of a mother, father and son. The mother’s role was of a desperate mother who was being abused by her husband, a male chauvinist.  The role of the son named Agapito was that he was learning to be like his father and was expecting to have many women when he grow up to be a “macho” like his father.  There was no time for changing clothes so the actor used aprons as a disguise for every character.

After the monologue, the actor sang a really great song written by him opposing to women abuse and then he talked to the audience. He said that if you were a victim of abuse, please tell to prevent a disgrace.

Ivelisse, a young woman that was in the drama, said that she felt pity for those who are being abuse by their couple. “It is mean to be a humble person and that your couple doesn’t even notice that”, she said.

According to the website domesticviolencestatistics.org, “around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Most often, the abuser is a member of her own family”. This situation is very sad because most of women don’t report this to the authorities maybe because they are afraid their couples assault them. Also they might be afraid of what people they say.

The domestic violence starts in the early years of teenagers. “Nearly 1 in 5 teenage girls who have been in a relationship said a boyfriend threatened violence or self-harm if presented with a breakup” (domesticviolencestatistics.org).  Nowadays, in high school we see teenage couples having problems, becoming aggressive and turn the relationship into an abusive one.  If the relationship continues as an abusive one, one of them might be end up hurt. Moreover, they would produce a cycle of violence in their family and that is what their children will learn.

If you are being abuse or know someone that is being abuse, please tell, you can save your life or someone’s life. In Puerto Rico they are many organizations against the violence, keep in touch with one of this organization and prevent a murder. LET’S STOP THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!


*A women being abuse by her husband.

*A women being abuse by her husband.



Soccer team hopefuls

Soccer team hopefuls

By: Alexandra Márquez

UPRM soccer team against another college

UPRM soccer team against another college  


Candidates for UPRM’S 2013 soccer team faced off against the current soccer team at the Angel F. Espada Gymnasium. The hopefuls lead the game and almost beat the soccer team in what was a very intense game resulting in a 2-3 score.

On Tuesday, February 26th many UPRM college students gathered at the Angel F. Espada gymnasium to watch a soccer intramural.

The soccer team did not compete with each other. Instead, they competed with a team composed of aspiring students who wanted to be part of the 2013 soccer team and other students that volunteered.

The game started off with a goal from the non-soccer team. The Soccer team followed with a goal and soon after they were tied with two goals.

In the last few minutes of the game, the soccer team scored another game changing their fate with a 2-3 win.

According to Cindy Mercado, spectator, the following occurred at the game:

A few people arrived to watch the game. Many people that came were turned off by the absence of a big crowd.

The game started and the confidence of the soccer team was noticeable. The other team seemed intimidated but ready to take on the challenge. The spectators were not very animated and seemed as though they were there just because someone they knew was going to play.

Both teams were playing to the best of their capacities and did not seem ready to lose. The non- soccer team scored a goal and seemed very excited and confident. They were trying so hard to prove themselves you could see it in their eyes.

They were tied until the non-soccer team scored. The soccer team seemed distraught started to feel that the non-soccer team was real competition. As the game progressed, both teams seemed tired but ready to do whatever it took to win.

The game was tied 2-2 and time was running out. The non-soccer team tried to score but the goalie was not going to let that happen. The seconds were running out and the few spectators seemed convinced the game was going to end a tie.

The soccer team was on offense as they neared de non-soccer team’s goal. One of the players had the ball and he seemed ready to score. The seconds were less than ten when he scored a goal so amazing everyone could not stop cheering. Even though, many people wanted the non-soccer team to win, it was still such an exciting goal that it was inevitable.

The non-soccer team congratulated the soccer team and they mingled as the soccer team offered advice and tips on what they should do to become a part of the team. The coaches were happy to talk to any of the soccer team hopefuls to give them advice.

The spectators seemed happy as if they had changed their minds about being there. Many people decided they wanted to be a part of the next intramural. Other people simply asked when the next game was so they could attend.

EDSA Open Mic. Plus a Surprise

Students of the English department of the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez got together to show their talent at an “Open Mic.” event at the Chardon 221 classroom. The event was hosted by the English Department Student Association (EDSA) on the 20th of February and met a wide range of talent, one of which was a man over 60 years of age.

At around 7:30 pm the “Open Mic.” event began. The turnout was less than expected, but this was mainly due to the day the event was hosted on (the 20th of February).
“Many students were having tests this week, beside that I am pretty impressed with the turnout of the event.” said Juan Kuang, Treasurer of EDSA and third year english student, in response of the low turnout of the event.

Aside from the turnout, for the surprise of everyone, the main attraction was that of an elderly (60 years or older) man that went to the event. No one within the event was expecting someone from outside the university to assist since the event was mainly directed towards students.

The old man read a few passages from his book that was soon to be published titled Shard of Glass. The book was about how a dear friend of his lost her memory when she was in a accident. The reason behind the title is because she had a shard of glass impaled in her skull because of the accident and due to this she lost 5 years of her memory.

His readthrough of his work contained a sad tone that left an impression on all of those that were there to witness the event. This was so since the book was about how he was in love with the woman that had the accident yet he was married at that time and the woman (the one that had the accident) did not feel the affection that he felt towards her.

“It was completely unexpected that someone from outside the university was to assist this event. Nonetheless its great that the word got around outside the campus since the main idea of this event was to let anyone within or from outside the campus demonstrate their talent.” said Juan Kuang in regards of the old man’s sudden appearance.

Aside from this, students were able to express their talent through different mediums including poetry, short story, comedy skits, and stand-up comedy.

As the night reached its end at around 9:30 pm, the directive of EDSA were hopeful to replicate the success of this “Open Mic” event. EDSA was also going to take into consideration the date on which the “Open Mic” was going to be hosted to prevent the event from conflicting with exams.

In a closing statement Juan Kuang said “We are very pleased that the event was a success. Even though we (EDSA) would have liked more people to show up, the event was successful since it made its purpose. Hopefully next time around more people will show up and showcase their talent.”

EDSA Open Mic. flyer

EDSA Open Mic. flyer

Learn How to K.I.S.S.

by: Thalia K. Velazquez Quiles

Recently a few students and faculty members of the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez were shown how to K.I.S.S.

The Keep Instructions Short and Simple method is UPRM grad students Kevin R. Bathke and Didier C. Brunot’s way of helping students focus and to understand what is expected of them in their assignments.

“The first semester that I started teaching, my Power Point presentations were so long that I lost students attention by half of the presentation,” said Bathke at his Learn How to K.I.S.S. workshop. “I then adapted the K.I.S.S. in the classroom and it actually worked, students were handing in better assignments.”


Flyer by Kevin R. Bathke for the Learn How to K.I.S.S workshop.

On February 26 at 10:30 a.m., approximately 26 people, including professors, graduate and undergraduate students, showed up at Chardon 326 craving to know what all this K.I.S.S.ing is about.

Bathke and his partner Brunot, worked together at ­this workshop leaving the public in awe with how something as simple as the K.I.S.S. had never occurred to them.

The K.I.S.S. is about communicating with the students and actually reaching out to them and helping them understand what teachers want from them in an easier way. It’s the teacher getting into the students shoes and viewing the lecture given from a student’s perspective and finding a way to maintain them interested in it.

“I like to go straight to the point, my presentations are from three to eight slides maximum,” said Bathke.

If something can be easily said why prolong the explanation. From a student’s point of view they prefer to be told exactly what they have to do than to have a long set of instructions that for them sometimes don’t even make sense.

Brunot did a dynamic of making a paper boat. The first time he went through the instructions very quickly and not even the professors present at the workshop were able to keep up with him and complete the task. After explaining, what is the K.I.S.S., he repeated the dynamic, but this second time he went through them slowly and checked on the audience making sure they understood what had to be done and the results of the dynamic were different.

This was enough to prove to the public that the K.I.S.S. did work.

It’s simple to understand, less talk and more action that’s all there is to it.

Not all students have the same learning skills. While some prefer visual explanations others may prefer them audible or they prefer to go over the instructions themselves.

The K.I.S.S. is a way of satisfying all the students at once.

Students aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of the K.I.S.S., but so can professors. By keeping instructions simple and short they go over the lecture in less time leaving the students with more time to do their assignments in class and clear their doubts immediately.

“I now give a class in 15 minutes and the remaining 30 minutes are hands on act,” he said. “Plus I even have time for students to give me feedback.”

UPRM Students Betting On Their Future

By- Jonathan Mejías

The job market in Puerto Rico might be real tight, but it didn’t stop hundreds of students from losing their hope to find a job at the 5th Spring Job Fair that took place in the Rafael Mangual Coliseum at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez.

Tables, posters, presentations, loud music, surrounded by green and white colors everywhere, that was the setting of the Job Fair this past February 22nd , 2013 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Certainly, the Placement Office, located in the Student Center, is responsible for organizing and running the event. The staff mission is to serve as a bridge between students and companies.

Evidently, the reason why they created the Spring Job Fair in 2007, was to provide current UPRM students and alumni more possibilities with their job hunting process.

On this occasion, the fair welcomed around 30 companies and federal agencies -less than last year when 36 recruiters visited the university. NASA, General Electric, Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, Blackberry, the US Census Bureau, among others, were some of the companies recruiting.

“We had less participation this year but we reached the target by finding more than 25 different companies for the students. So it was really successful for us,” said Nancy Nieves, director of the Placement Office.

For the first time in the Job Fair history, local companies had greater participation than foreign companies. Furthermore, some of them came for the first time to offer a variety of jobs and internships for the students.

Naturally, in order to participate, all registered companies and federal agencies were required to pay a certain fee to the Placement Office. Meanwhile, for the companies that couldn’t pay the enrollment, the department offered them some arrangements to let them participate as well.

On the other hand, all students had to be registered in the Placement Office Web page, submit their resumé and turn in five printed copies before the job fair.

According to the Placement Office, companies have shown interest in UPRM students because they certainly know about the quality and prestige of the institution. However, when searching for the perfect employee they are not only looking for a good GPA, but also individuals who can show leadership and initiative.

Nowadays, thanks to the competitive job market and the tough times that our economy is facing, students require extra work and convenient job search strategies.

“We have to review our English skills, do some research of the companies and pick up our best clothes to make the best first impression. Appearance is very important because hopefully we will be representing not only ourselves but also a whole corporation or industry,” said Rose Sepulveda, physics student.

Even though the mission of the Placement Office is to provide the best and most effective service to students, they cannot deny that companies show greater interest for science and engineering students.

“Recently, a member of the Student Council from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences came here and brought us a few concerns and issues about the lack of job opportunities for non-engineering students. We had a talk and he assured us to bring some proposals, but we’re still waiting,” said Margarita Carlo, assistant director of the Placement Office.

“The best way to give more opportunities to all students, is with the cooperation of our own UPRM students. If they found an offer or did an internship they should let us know and help us to spread the word.”

The first edition of the Spring Job Fair was originated as a petition of the same companies that came in October and asked why the UPRM didn’t celebrate a job fair in spring like other universities in the states.

The first edition of the Spring Job Fair was originated as a petition of the same companies that came in October and asked why the UPRM didn’t celebrate a job fair in spring like other universities in the states.

Who’s The Biggest Loser in UPRM?

By: Francisco Morales Carbonell

            The Biggest Loser, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM) edition is being brought to life by a group of students with the motivation to lose weight.

          The group of 14 students started the six weeks long competition, which started on January 28 and it will end on March 11.

             Each participant paid a $3 inscription fee, which will go to fund the price of the winner of the competition. The winner will get $39 to be precise and the second place winner will get $3, which is considered as getting your money back as a consolation price, said Liz Navas, creator of the competition, participant and civil engineer student at UPRM.

This is the original logo of The Biggest Loser, the reality show and the one used for the competition as well

This is the original logo of The Biggest Loser, the reality show and the one used for the competition as well.

          “The motivation for the competition came from the fact that we all have the goal and desire to lose weight and when we usually start a routine of exercises we don’t have the motivation to stick with it”, said Liz.

          According to their website, The Biggest Loser is an American reality show that debuted on NBC on 2004. The show features obese people competing to win a $250,000 cash prize by losing the highest percentage of weight relative to their initial weight.

          The show has been highly criticized, in the article “On ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Health Can Take Back Seat” published by the NewYorkTimes.com on Nov 2009, Dr. Charles Burant, director of the Michigan Metabolomics and Obesity Center said: “I’m waiting for the first person to have a heart attack. I had some patients who want to [follow the show’s regimen], and I counsel them against it. I think the show is so exploitative. They are taking poor people who have severe weight problems whose real focus is trying to win the quarter-million dollars.”

        Other example of criticism is that the show gives a bad concept on how losing weight should really be. Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience.com senior writer on her article “’The Biggest Loser’ Has Big Problems, Health Experts Say” wrote: “Risks aside, weight-loss experts say that the biggest problem with the Biggest Loser is that extreme methods of dropping pounds are less likely to work in the long run. Several former Biggest Loser contestants have regained some or all of the weight.”

          Even after all the criticism about how extreme some of the methods used to make the contestants lose the weight, The Biggest Loser has stayed on air for 14 seasons, even having video games in the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect systems.

          When asked about the criticism about the concept of the competition, Liz responded: “Each participant will be responsible for keeping track of their progress, prepare a routine that works for them and a diet that the participant thinks it’s appropriate for them. Some participants have chosen to use a smartphone app called “Lose it!” as a tool, because you can keep track of the calories you have consumed and burn during the day.”

          The contestants have a group on Facebook for the competition where the rules and goals of the competition are explained for reference. The group can’t be accessed easily, as you need to get invited in order to enter.

University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez brings Job Opportunities

By – Keishla L. Lόpez

               A numerous amount of students went to the job fair in the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez (UPRM) to find a job experience.

The University of Puerto Rico brings companies to the institution to give job and internship opportunities to students through the job fair. This activity occurs every semester in Rafael Mangual Coliseum. Students prepare resumes and go to the event in the hopes of a career opportunity. These companies also are available for students that have already graduated from the UPRM. Around 30 companies were present at the job fair. These companies come to find students that want an internship or a job offer.  In the first semester more companies come to the activity and in the second semester there are fewer companies.

These companies in the job fair educate the students about what they do and give information and giveaways to them.

Companies that were in the job fair were Blackberry, Department of Defense, Ecolab, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson and many more.  These companies are available here in Puerto Rico and others are in the United States and some companies are available in both countries. Most of these companies were offering internships to the students, in these internships available the company’s offers student a summer of work experiences in their facilities so students can go learn about them and about how it is to work in their job fields.

Students at the job fair ready to present their resumes.(Photograph by Carlos Díaz / UPRM Press)

Students at the job fair ready to present their resumes.
(Photograph by Carlos Díaz / UPRM Press)

A new modality that some of these companies have is for the students to apply online and some ask for the resumes days before the job fair because they do not accepted during the event.

The majority of these companies were looking for students majoring in business administration or engineering. Other majors that were being recruiting are chemistry, physics and math. Some mayors only had one or two jobs offer and other mayors didn’t have job offers. For some students this if unfair because they claim that they need to have the same opportunities has the rest of the students.

“A lot of the students like me came here prepared for a job offer or an internship, in my case I only applied for two because those were the only offers available for biology” said Nikole Ayala, biology student. Like Nikole, other students felt like there weren’t enough job and internship offers.

This is not the first time the UPRM makes this jobs fair, and every year the most claimed students for the companies are from engineering. For engineering students this is a great benefit because they have more opportunities to get a job. For the other faculties it does not work so well. It is not clear that the companies that can offer jobs to other mayors are not invited to the event or if they are not interested in coming to the job fair.

The main purpose of the job fair is to bring students to the job field more easily and to provide the necessary tools for getting opportunities.

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