The Spring Job Fair was back to the RUM!

By Gustavo Bravo


Job Fair in the UPRM showing the companies offering jobs to students, taken from:

Job Fair in the UPRM showing the companies offering jobs to students, taken from:

Students flooded the Rafael Mangual Coliseum at the Univerisity of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez looking for coop and internships opportunities at the Fifth Spring Job Fair that returned last February 22.

Last Friday many graduates and undergraduate students had the opportunity to show their resumes and be interviewed by a great variety of companies.

This job fair was advertised toward students at the graduate level but undergraduate students came anyway.

Accenture, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric and Hewlett-Packard were looking for students to add to their work force. But they were not the only ones offering jobs, the students had 26 other companies from which to choose from.

Many where offered on site interviews while other had to wait to be interviewed on the weekend or the following week.

The interviews that were not onsite were scheduled in different buildings around the UPRM like the Celis, Industrial Engineering, Student Center, Stefani and the Tarzan Room.

Mariela Rodriguez a recruiter for General Electric said: “We only have two openings for undergraduate students because at this moment GE is only looking for engineering graduate students we will come back on the Annual Fall Job Fair with more job openings for undergraduate students.”

Ignacio Gallegos a Electrical Engineering Student that was looking for a internship in General Electric said: “I have an interview this weekend in the Stefani, I am one of the lucky undergraduates that got called for an interview. I really hope I get the job”

Jether Panton a Mechanical Engineer Student that was not looking for a particular COOP or internship said: “In this hard economy, I never thought that I would get a job so easily, although I am worried for the students that are not studying engineering.”

Panton after having a look around said: “A potential problem that I see in this job fair is that not many companies are hiring student in other fields like Business for example. Maybe is due to the fact that we have a lot of people with bachelors in business and not many engineers.”

Many of the companies were only looking for engineering graduate students and that is a problem for students that are studying something else and even for engineering students that were at the undergraduate level.

Only a pinch of companies like Abarca Health, AG Group, Ballester Hermanos, EMC Corp, Esri Corp offered jobs to students in the field of Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry and Business.

Although this is the Fifth Spring Job Fair for 25 years the UPRM has celebrated the Annual Fall Job Fair which is the big one. The one were all the companies come to offer undergraduate students real Coop and Internships opportunities.

Students that did not got a job from this spring job fair should not lose their hope just yet, the Annual Fall Job Fair will for sure get them the job opportunity they are looking for.

It is very important that you, “Colegial”, check that your resume is uploaded and updated before any job fair; the website to upload and update your resume is


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