University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez brings Job Opportunities

By – Keishla L. Lόpez

               A numerous amount of students went to the job fair in the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez (UPRM) to find a job experience.

The University of Puerto Rico brings companies to the institution to give job and internship opportunities to students through the job fair. This activity occurs every semester in Rafael Mangual Coliseum. Students prepare resumes and go to the event in the hopes of a career opportunity. These companies also are available for students that have already graduated from the UPRM. Around 30 companies were present at the job fair. These companies come to find students that want an internship or a job offer.  In the first semester more companies come to the activity and in the second semester there are fewer companies.

These companies in the job fair educate the students about what they do and give information and giveaways to them.

Companies that were in the job fair were Blackberry, Department of Defense, Ecolab, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson and many more.  These companies are available here in Puerto Rico and others are in the United States and some companies are available in both countries. Most of these companies were offering internships to the students, in these internships available the company’s offers student a summer of work experiences in their facilities so students can go learn about them and about how it is to work in their job fields.

Students at the job fair ready to present their resumes.(Photograph by Carlos Díaz / UPRM Press)

Students at the job fair ready to present their resumes.
(Photograph by Carlos Díaz / UPRM Press)

A new modality that some of these companies have is for the students to apply online and some ask for the resumes days before the job fair because they do not accepted during the event.

The majority of these companies were looking for students majoring in business administration or engineering. Other majors that were being recruiting are chemistry, physics and math. Some mayors only had one or two jobs offer and other mayors didn’t have job offers. For some students this if unfair because they claim that they need to have the same opportunities has the rest of the students.

“A lot of the students like me came here prepared for a job offer or an internship, in my case I only applied for two because those were the only offers available for biology” said Nikole Ayala, biology student. Like Nikole, other students felt like there weren’t enough job and internship offers.

This is not the first time the UPRM makes this jobs fair, and every year the most claimed students for the companies are from engineering. For engineering students this is a great benefit because they have more opportunities to get a job. For the other faculties it does not work so well. It is not clear that the companies that can offer jobs to other mayors are not invited to the event or if they are not interested in coming to the job fair.

The main purpose of the job fair is to bring students to the job field more easily and to provide the necessary tools for getting opportunities.


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