EDSA Open Mic. Plus a Surprise

Students of the English department of the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez got together to show their talent at an “Open Mic.” event at the Chardon 221 classroom. The event was hosted by the English Department Student Association (EDSA) on the 20th of February and met a wide range of talent, one of which was a man over 60 years of age.

At around 7:30 pm the “Open Mic.” event began. The turnout was less than expected, but this was mainly due to the day the event was hosted on (the 20th of February).
“Many students were having tests this week, beside that I am pretty impressed with the turnout of the event.” said Juan Kuang, Treasurer of EDSA and third year english student, in response of the low turnout of the event.

Aside from the turnout, for the surprise of everyone, the main attraction was that of an elderly (60 years or older) man that went to the event. No one within the event was expecting someone from outside the university to assist since the event was mainly directed towards students.

The old man read a few passages from his book that was soon to be published titled Shard of Glass. The book was about how a dear friend of his lost her memory when she was in a accident. The reason behind the title is because she had a shard of glass impaled in her skull because of the accident and due to this she lost 5 years of her memory.

His readthrough of his work contained a sad tone that left an impression on all of those that were there to witness the event. This was so since the book was about how he was in love with the woman that had the accident yet he was married at that time and the woman (the one that had the accident) did not feel the affection that he felt towards her.

“It was completely unexpected that someone from outside the university was to assist this event. Nonetheless its great that the word got around outside the campus since the main idea of this event was to let anyone within or from outside the campus demonstrate their talent.” said Juan Kuang in regards of the old man’s sudden appearance.

Aside from this, students were able to express their talent through different mediums including poetry, short story, comedy skits, and stand-up comedy.

As the night reached its end at around 9:30 pm, the directive of EDSA were hopeful to replicate the success of this “Open Mic” event. EDSA was also going to take into consideration the date on which the “Open Mic” was going to be hosted to prevent the event from conflicting with exams.

In a closing statement Juan Kuang said “We are very pleased that the event was a success. Even though we (EDSA) would have liked more people to show up, the event was successful since it made its purpose. Hopefully next time around more people will show up and showcase their talent.”

EDSA Open Mic. flyer

EDSA Open Mic. flyer


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