Las Juanas Win Again!

By: José G Grau

Las Juanas beats their eternal rivals Las Buhas in front of a full house on a close and exciting game. Las Juanas improved to an 8-0 record on February 26.

The champions defended their home against the 2009 champions Las Buhas from the University of Puerto Rico – Humacao (UPRH).

Between the two teams there is some rivalry since throughout history both teams have become the queens of the Women’s Softball League of the Interuniversity Athletic League (LAI), together with Las Cocodrilas from the Metropolitan University (UMET) of Cupey.

Las Juanas started on the mound with pitcher Jomarie Martínez, she and the team counted, as usual, with the support of their green blood college fans, in what was a joyful and close game where fans with team’s shirts and musical instruments sang choruses in relation with the flow of the game. The players of both teams were influenced positively by their respective teams.

Besides, Las Juanas started the game a bit cold. In the third inning the game was 4-0. Las Juanas committed a few mistakes and can’t make the bats sounds through the second inning.

Therefore for the third inning the attack began when Las Juanas opened the inning with two base hits. The joy could be seen in the face of Juanas fans and players, who suddenly where singing louder than Las Buhas.  The fans played a huge role in the outcome of the game, supporting their respective teams, in what was a family and completely healthy event.

A fan who declined to be identified said “I’m more than nervous; I think that today we lost our unbeaten record, I do not even want to see this”. Las Juanas have a loyal and sensitive kind of fans.

In the fourth inning Las Juanas takes the lead due to an RBI single by Quetsy Colon Nadal. From this point the match took a twist that favored Las Juanas throughout the night.

Then Mayagüez started the sixth inning with a inside the park home run that was a dagger to the opponent, ensuring their victory over UPRH pride, finishing with a score of 7 – 5 in favor of Las Juanas.

Moreover Las Juanas are currently in the second place in LAI’s standings, led by Las Jerenzanas of UPR – Rio Piedras, while in the third place the 2011 champions Las Cocodrilas still hunting for a better position.

Amanda Dee Moreno, who played catcher since 10 years old, tell us how important this game was for her team in order to established power and leadership in the league because they are closer to the LAI semifinals, which begin on March 24.

The chemistry between Las Juana’s players has been increasing in recently years

The chemistry between Las Juana’s players has been increasing in recently years

“Las Juanas are supported by the entire college community and the fans are letting us know throughout the season. They want Las Juanas to show and demonstrate that we are the defending champions” said Moreno.

The UPRM has being blessed with a series of brilliant performances that reach our days on who earned 8 championships and 9 sub-championships.  There are many young people who have worn the green and white colors of our institution over the years with dignity and pride.

Among the most prominent players in this match were Marie Mar Ramos Colon, Quetsy Nadal, Marliz Oliveras and Jomarie Martinez.


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