Soccer team hopefuls

Soccer team hopefuls

By: Alexandra Márquez

UPRM soccer team against another college

UPRM soccer team against another college  


Candidates for UPRM’S 2013 soccer team faced off against the current soccer team at the Angel F. Espada Gymnasium. The hopefuls lead the game and almost beat the soccer team in what was a very intense game resulting in a 2-3 score.

On Tuesday, February 26th many UPRM college students gathered at the Angel F. Espada gymnasium to watch a soccer intramural.

The soccer team did not compete with each other. Instead, they competed with a team composed of aspiring students who wanted to be part of the 2013 soccer team and other students that volunteered.

The game started off with a goal from the non-soccer team. The Soccer team followed with a goal and soon after they were tied with two goals.

In the last few minutes of the game, the soccer team scored another game changing their fate with a 2-3 win.

According to Cindy Mercado, spectator, the following occurred at the game:

A few people arrived to watch the game. Many people that came were turned off by the absence of a big crowd.

The game started and the confidence of the soccer team was noticeable. The other team seemed intimidated but ready to take on the challenge. The spectators were not very animated and seemed as though they were there just because someone they knew was going to play.

Both teams were playing to the best of their capacities and did not seem ready to lose. The non- soccer team scored a goal and seemed very excited and confident. They were trying so hard to prove themselves you could see it in their eyes.

They were tied until the non-soccer team scored. The soccer team seemed distraught started to feel that the non-soccer team was real competition. As the game progressed, both teams seemed tired but ready to do whatever it took to win.

The game was tied 2-2 and time was running out. The non-soccer team tried to score but the goalie was not going to let that happen. The seconds were running out and the few spectators seemed convinced the game was going to end a tie.

The soccer team was on offense as they neared de non-soccer team’s goal. One of the players had the ball and he seemed ready to score. The seconds were less than ten when he scored a goal so amazing everyone could not stop cheering. Even though, many people wanted the non-soccer team to win, it was still such an exciting goal that it was inevitable.

The non-soccer team congratulated the soccer team and they mingled as the soccer team offered advice and tips on what they should do to become a part of the team. The coaches were happy to talk to any of the soccer team hopefuls to give them advice.

The spectators seemed happy as if they had changed their minds about being there. Many people decided they wanted to be a part of the next intramural. Other people simply asked when the next game was so they could attend.


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