The new and old story bullying with a new character the bystander:

The first time he saw the violence he thought they were playing because they were two close friends. He explained that he start to move away from them because the violence reached the aggressive act. He thought that a man shouldn’t use violence on a girl and realize that this violence was an act of bullying. The school was aware about the problems and just reacts to the situation by describing it as simple problem of friends. As the father notice that there wasn’t reaction of the school they take action by the law.
Bullying is normally known as an aggression of a student to other who doesn’t protect of the attack, but the real bullying is a violent behavior that affect others people. In the act of violence exists an aggressor and a victim; the victims may be affected physical or mentally that may cause serious damages in the social life, educational life and in the development of their personality.
Dr. Bernadette Delgado said “Based on investigations bullying is an aggressive act that may cause damage to other people that can be mentally or physically that is sustained by a long period of time.”
Normally this term is distorted in a variety of forms the society belief that bullying is just the act of violence in which an aggressor beat up a victim and just with one attack it may be declare as an act of bullying.
“This term is normally misunderstand because people think that just with one attack of violence it’s bullying, which isn’t the use of the term. More than that the term is now a new style of the period in which every act of violence in school is bullying.” Said Dr. Delgado.
The term is a new style in Puerto Rico in which is daily news uses every act of violence in school like videos, photos, or posts of internet as bullying attacks.
The aggressor or bully is the person who use an aggressive behavior to attack a person or group of people, this attack is normally are mentally or physical. The metal attack is the violent situation in which the bully use the words to attack the victim without using violence, which cause the effect of minimize the self esteem of the victim. The physical attack is the aggressive situation in which the bully beat up. The bully is a person who doesn’t react on the actions that may be wrong and instead think that is the correct think.
“The bully is a person with high self esteem that doesn’t think on the victims and doesn’t have an emotional effect” Said Delgado in a description of the bully.
The bully instead of realize that the behavior is irrational think that the act is justified by things that the victim make or because of who is the victim in terms of a disabilities or physical problem.
In the definition of the term isn’t always recognized the bystander who is those students who are present on the act of bullying and don’t participate actively on the aggressive behavior. This passive character may be helpful or can provoke to the bully to continue the aggression. The bystander normally don’t help the victim because of the fear of been a new target, don’t advice teachers because they think this wouldn’t solve the problem. In the investigations 50 percent of the aggressive events didn’t progress because bystanders intervene.
“The bystander is acompliance that may help the bully to execute the behavior, it may be because the bystander may want to do the same thing as the bully but don’t have the means to do so.
The bystander is the key character that can be a hero by the rescue of the victim or may be a villain of the story by the encouragement to the bully.
These bystander students can be affected by the extension of time observing the violence, this may cause the students to fall in drug, alcohol or others, it may cause mental diseases and other effects at short time. They may have different feeling by experience bullying that may be anxiety, powerless, fear, guilt, pressure, it may feel unfairness, cowardly, and others feelings.
In statics is estimated that more than 160,000 students don’t go to school because of the fear that they feel for the aggressor, in secondary school is estimated than 282,000 teens suffered of bullying, the 90% of students form 4th grade to 8th grade declare that they were victims of bullying. In the world the countries with most bullying reports are Australia, England, Japan, Norway, Spain, United States (Refer to the next Graphic) .

The graphic represents the countries with most bullying acts.

The graphic represents the countries with most bullying acts.


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