Ponce’s Unknown hero Carlos

By: Yesenia M. Malavé Vázquez

Date: May 10, 2013

Target Audience: UPRM Students


We have been so busy watching news about violations, kidnapping, murders and a lot of other criminality that we have overlooked the unknown heroes of our community. Unknown heroes, the volunteer people whose mission is to assist the younger generations to confront life easily. Carlos M. Iglesias, a volunteer leader who is now the representative of Jocaan Organization in Ponce, is an unknown hero who has guided kids through sports and makes them college athletes.

Jocaan is a baseball association certified by the American Congress of baseball. “Nineteen years ago the organization made me the representative and I have been working hard to never fail to this youth”, said Carlos with a satisfied and joyful look.

“Since childhood I always liked this sport and then my kids started playing” said Iglesias with his gray hair full of experience. He also added that it was there when he was invited to lead small teams by categories and, a few years after, became the agent that he is today. What motivate him to accept being the agent of the league was that his mother died by the same date so he needed to clear his mind on something.  His mission is to interest young people in sports so they cannot be influenced by criminology in the streets, it makes him proud to touch a life of a child through baseball every day. Every morning, Iglesias wakes up in high spirits and goes to the baseball field to mark the park box and let everything ready for the games and practices.

As the article Influence of sports on kids in ehow.com says, sports does not only influence in exercise and fun but throughout their lifetime because they learn the importance of winning or losing, on  how to lead a team, respect and perseverance in their goals. Iglesias said that one of his purposes is to develop important skills like the one mentioned in the article. “I am proud of seeing this kids aspire to college as some of past players of this league are now leaders in college teams”, Iglesias said.

Iglesias has served so well in all these years that they are rumors that they want to put his name to the park. “All I am doing is volunteer; I do not expect this type of acknowledgment but if they do this I will accept with humility”, he said.  In 2003 the American Congress gave Iglesias an honor and they named him the volunteer leader of the year.

“I am so satisfied that I have a lot of young players that already have been selected to play in major leagues such as the professional league of Ponce and the A class of the Yankees”, Iglesias added with a peaceful posture. “It is exciting to see wherever I go the salute of my players and the conversations where they tell me how much they have succeed with baseball in other big leagues or in college”, Carlos Iglesias also added.

There are a few people who are engaged in a work without pay (voluntary) for the sake of others. For this reason there must be many unknown heroes, some helping the homeless, the elderly or the disabled persons. In this case, Iglesias choose being a volunteer helping kids and youth to achieve their dreams in baseball. Some parents thinks that baseball is not a big deal, there is when Carlos work to convince them how baseball can help you succeed through life. “It is harder working with the parents that with the kids”, Carlos said. He means that the majority of the parents does not cooperate with the fund raising activities and sometimes is hard to try if they can cooperate with their children.

Iglesias, a man with an average height and brown skin, is a role model for his players, and for the family of his team members. He is totally a leader, helps his players understand more with their parents and insists that parents support their children’s activities. He is one of some people who dedicate his whole life to the hobby he liked since child, so on he teaches to new generations and hopefully these generations will learn the same and practice with the youth of the future.

Carlos M. Iglesias, the proud representative of Jocaan, marching in the inauguration game.

Carlos M. Iglesias, the proud representative of Jocaan, marching in the inauguration game.


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