LGBTT Bullied in School and Gender Equalities.


This article is about gender equalities in schools and bullies in school. For faculty and students of UPRM.


Press conference panel for LGBTT struggles and rights, October 24,2013.

 Psychologist Dr. Bernadette Delgado was interviewed on October 24 were she said, “The initiatives to begging a curriculum for gender equalities should focus on respect, school is one of the system we have to work with but is not the only one. We have to look where the person has his interactions.” This was a question regarding the bill Senate Mari Tere told about the school method for a better education. From this point of view, the world is hard, it’s looking for a change, and everything is changing all the time, which is maybe one of the points. The LGBTT community is looking for a place where they can feel safe; they want to be happy not judged. This community wants to feel they have the same rights like anyone, especially like the heterosexual community. . This method presented to attack bullies is a way to provide a better environment for different genders equalities. This will be helpful especially for future generation, the future generation will have new opportunities for life since the present day by day generation is fitting with all the can to promoted a save environment for the LGBTT community.

  Another point is bulling presented in schools were she said, “First the person has to know what is really bulling, then we should prevent it and to have a protocol in case that happens. The system we live in doesn’t see a mental problem has priority.” She was specific about this statement because one of the main criminal problems in this country is the mental problem. The problem is not only presented in UPRM but in the whole country we live in said the doctor. Another opinion was student Roberto Rivera who said;” It would be interesting who the university would react if they are presented with a problem regarding bullying against the LGBTT community.” He just received an email were he said that in UPRM only has two psychologist for a community of 12,000 students. Dr. Bernadette said that the law says for each 500 students is one psychologist, it’s more a problem of society since they don’t give priority. She mainly said that a psychologist is in charge of a child since the beginning of birth if they now he has mental problems so they can treat them. For the LGBTT community is even harder since they are the most people that get bullied. The LGBTT community just wants peace, people should understand they are how they are, and they can’t be change because society wants them to change. In Puerto Rico there has been reported bullying against gay in the schools for example Ricky Martin said he was a bully before he came out of the closet because he felt angry and didn’t accepted himself, he said,” When you’re told you’re wrong by everyone from society my self esteem was crushed.” In this scene society just wants to control everyone, to make everyone follow the rules for society’s benefit; in this case LGBTT community should fight for their rights, society will adapt, it just needs time. Time will tell if the community LGBTT can be free, free of discrimination.

Dr. Bernadette Delgado is a professor in UPRM of psychology department; she was a student in the university. She said that she has seen a change since she studied in the university and the now, so the fights for LGBTT rights his helping change people in how they think about the LGBTT community. The bill Senate Mari Tere made is Bill 484 that orders the equality of gender and prevents domestic violence in the public system for schools. She is president of the school’s commission and president of education for individuals; she works for the benefit of school society.



–          LGBTT press conference





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