The Brain Drain is at the root our problems in the island

By: Pedro Olivencia

During a press conference on October 31, 2013 with panelists, José Torres, a third year University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez student majoring in math, and Edwin Maldonado, a historian with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting. It was made at the English Department by 8 UPRM students towards the panelists mentioned before and there were topics of crucial importance that affects directly or indirectly to the brain drain like unemployment, criminality, economical problems of each person, between others.

The brain drain is circumstantial problem that has always impacted Puerto Rico, is the opinion of Edwin Maldonado on this topic. This fact or problem is not new in our world and has been seen since the poets immigrate to Spain, England and other territories to get a better education and have better salaries in the past. At today’s date people are going off PR by the same reasons that our ancestors were emigrating to other lands.

It is the base of most problems in Puerto Rico according to José Torres, by only focusing in the escape of knowledge and the economic crisis. Torres is a case in point “my plans for the future are to finish my major and go to the States to do my masters”

People use PR to study their first years to save money for the specialty or masters in their professional campus. This impacts directly the economy of P.R. because the government gives federal funds to study, but at the hour of performing their knowledge they are in other countries doing what they learn in the UPR system, this fact is according to a report on published on October.

In the individual economic, meaning different types of economical classes, UPR’s tuition costs are significantly lower than those of most universities in the United States. Thus, UPRM has a big student campus and numerous faculties of foreign professors that emigrate of their countries by the same economical problem. This impacts all the people native form PR directly because the departments are employing outsiders and not giving the opportunity to their people to experiment or present their knowledge in their own land, another reason that explains the exodus of PR people to other countries, according to the third year student José Torres.

Along the interview the panelist were thinking in a solution towards the brain drain, the third year student  Torres  “what is happening right now will keep happening we need to be ready for anything that happens” , he said.  And according to Maldonado this problem has become this big by the increase in depending of P.R. towards USA. United States is traveling a difficult moment in their economy and that affect P.R. directly and it even puts the island in a much bigger economic crisis. The economical expert Maldonado added “If they solve their economic crisis we will be obviously better.”

According to there is not an immediate solution for the brain drain, this a problem that has been increasing in the passing of the years and the only way to ended or decrease is to be patient.

Criminality is one of the biggest issues or problems in P.R. and the world, according to the historian expert Edwin Maldonado, people will think that it influence enormously in the moment of taking a decision between staying at the island or flight to the USA , but does not influence to much at the moment of the decision.

There are other factors that influence in this decision that does not involve violence such has economical problems, the unity of the family that is affected and the certain limitations of each individual towards the food of each place. Another influential factor is the environment that a person is used to that is not prepared to leave behind, according to the historian Maldonado.

Other problem planted in the society and has to do directly with the brain drain in P.R is the unemployment. Has the press conference was running panelist were in favor that in a higher educational level (P.H.D) is easier to be unemployed that in a lower education, its exactly the opposite of what should happen. This explain that a higher level there is more competitive and we can even see people over educated requesting for jobs that they in their past never thing on doing. For example people with masters working has bartenders and doctors’ working has assistants in clinics has mentioned on


Press Conference with Jose Torres and Edwin Maldonado

Press Conference: Brain Drain 086

Press Conference: Brain Drain 086


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