How to accept LGBTT community

By: Natalee N. Ríos González

It is clear that in life nothing stays the same, everything is constantly changing, such as a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Transexual express openly their sexual orientation. With all the changes in life, there still some people that doesn’t know how to deal with the situation or doesn’t accept them, below you’ll find some steps to acceptance of the LGBTT community.

Here are four steps to accept or deal when someone tells their sexual orientation: first step put yourself in someone shoes, second step, leave prejudice behind, third step be responsible to your religious believes and the last one open your mind to new ideas so changes can come.

These steps are based on interviews with teachers, students and people’s experiences.  The information is obtained from various sources: including psychologist studies, ancient philosophy, and scientific studies.

Step one: Put yourself in someone else shoes.

Imagine what is like to be in their position.

A person who has repressed his sexuality for so long, acting around people being what they aren’t and then tell openly about their sexual orientation to all family members, friends, and colleagues, is not an easy choice. People tend to attach themselves to an idea; the LGBTT people feel afraid of what others might think like; if they will be discriminated, if they will be left alone or if they will be rejected by others.

If someone tells you about their sexual orientation, listen to the person and try to see the situation from their perspective. Think of those good qualities the might have and why is that person is in your life. It is worth leaving friendship or companionship because of their sexual orientation?

An ex-homophobic person Francisco Soto Cajigas told about his experience of being homophobic and the changes he went through to accept them.

“I notice I was a non-accepting person because someone saw my expression when we talked about a friend who came out of the closet, and then he asked me that “you are homophobic?”

He continued saying that the reason he started to change was because a friend told him they was no reason to hate them, because nobody know the reason of why he was like that, everyone should be respected, no matter what are their orientation.

“When the time pass I reflected about what my friend said, then I started to accept them and I notice they were good person with a different way of loving.”

Step two: Leave prejudice behind

Every time you hear somebody say “he is feminine,” its comes to your mind, ideas about how the person looks, how he is going to act, even you imagine the sound of the voice, without knowing the person.  Most of the time an idea is based on a stereotype.

Stereotypes are define conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image according to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English.

Consequently stereotypes can lead to prejudice. Prejudice is an unjustified or incorrect attitude (usually negative) towards an individual based solely on the individual’s membership of a social group, defined by a Web page called “Simply Psychology”.

Prejudice block the mind creating a wrong image of how is the person, without having a reliable basis subsequently the person discriminate, also can develop a violent attitude towards a specific group.

According to many psychologies researches, increasing the interaction between different groups of people can reduce the negative between the groups, published on a book, “Psicología para bachillerato” on 2012.

Soto said “is wrong judging without knowing, that they are people with hidden history, possibly they suffer.”


Drawn by Francisco Soto Cajigas, the title of the drawing is called Equity in All Aspects

Step three: Be responsible to your religious believes

In many religions, one of the rule dogmas is to love your neighbor as yourself. In other words the same way we take care of ourselves, we love ourselves, we protect ourselves, we accept ourselves, is the same we should threat others.

When social science student Coralis Ruiz Garcia was asked about her opinion to be good to others she said, “This important rule can help us to make clear the idea that everyone is equal and a difference between genders is not an obstacle for social good.”

Other example would be the expression of the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francisco said that everyone have the right to visit God regarding their sexual orientation published on the newspaper “El Nuevo Dia.”  On an interview for the Jesuit magazine’s Civiltà Cattolica, published on Sep 19, 2013.


When Soto was asked about the Pope’s s expression he said “is true the church is for everyone and God love us no matter what.” He continued “People don’t choose who their going to love, they just love.”

According to some research found on the Web page Encyclopedia the Free Dictionary in the section Biology and sexual orientation scientists theorize that it is caused by a combination of genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences, with biological factors involving a complex interplay of genetic factors and the early uterine environment.

Step four: Open your mind to new ideas so changes can come

Throughout history we have some characters that have been a model of progress and the world, because they contributed their ideas and knowledge, and fought for what they believed and accomplished it. Without a doubt some important characters that fought for what they believed and made a change was Martin Luther King, who wanted respect between people no matter their race, Mahatma Gandhi, who fought for the rights of his country India and others.

Another hand “The Secret” is a book about the mind power, only by thinking something that you want or something you want to change, you will have it: like the way of living, some attitudes, something you are not pleased with or just about anything.

All changes occurred with one and then in society. According to Aristotle’s philosophy, we are social beings; only with the society we can reach our maximums potential, because it’s in our nature.

These steps are made to succeed with the goal establish in the beginning, that is becoming more flexible and acceptance toward the LGBTT community. Don’t stress out if the change doesn’t come quickly, because it’s difficult to leave all believes that you learn during the life, but nothing is impossible.

Jacqueline Medina, English teacher from S.U. Epifanio Estrada said, “These steps can be applied in any prejudice atmosphere, which could be social, political or racial.”


Open Mind So Changes Can Come is the title of the drawing by Soto Cajigas.


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