Steps For Reaching The Promised Land

By: Carla Vera

Moving is a long process that many people go through at least one time in their lives. Usually this occurs from house to house, and can be a very tough job.  You need to pack every single object that you own, throw away useless things you do not use and of course don’t forget about the car trips from the new house to the old house. Imagine moving from one country to another.

When moving to another country you cannot really afford to hop on an airplane multiple times to move all of your stuff like getting into a car and driving from one house to the other.  In this case organization and simplicity are the keys to a less hair pulling emotion while moving.

“The moving process is a very tedious thing and the faster you get it done the better” says college student Daniella Camacho, who moved from Puerto Rico to New York City to study at Fashion Institute of Technology University. Here are some steps to help you move from one country to another.

  • Finding a House
  • List making
  • Gathering
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Getting Settled

Finding a house is very important because to move you first have to have a place to move in.  Call it Captain obvious but this is essential.  After you lease a house, apartment, studio or place you will be moving to, the list making comes next.

Imagine yourself sitting exited, stressed, and nervous for your moving; you do not want to leave an important object behind like your computer or legal documents and take useless things like white paper and an old tooth brush.  When you do your list it will be easier to gather your things and keep track of them.

After you know what things you are taking with you it is time to look for them. Get them and place them in a safe place. After you get all of your items you can start packing.  Packing is the key to moving, you can’t really move without packing.  Finally after you pack all of your belongings’ you have to ship them.  After this step you are almost there in your new house, in your new country surrounded by full boxes and a new adventure.

Finding a house: If you are moving from country to country you have to find a convenient shelter.  Finding a convenient shelter means looking for a home that is right for you.  Look for a home you feel safe in, that you like; a home that you can afford and a house that is close to your work or university and finally a house that has a mini market close.  PhD student Carlos Font said “This house is right in the middle of my work and my wife’s office, it is a quiet and safe neighborhood and there is a supermarket 5 minutes away from my house”.

List Making: Make lots of lists. Divide them into “Electronics”, another one for “Documents”, another one for “Personal Items” and so on.  Arthur Middleton Hughes, vice president of The Database Marketing Institute, says “Large lists are better than small lists.  Wrong: there often is gold in small lists”.  Keep them together, staple them if you have to, and when you are done with an item put a check mark by the side.

Gathering: When gathering your things you must place them in a safe place. Take a room or two and place your items there, separate them in little bunches.  A bunch for every list so they won’t get mixed or lost.

Packing: Use brand new boxes, the opportunities for these to break will be less.  Remember to label them and use packing tape instead of masking tape, it is safer this way.  Do not pack important things such as daily medicine and legal documents (birth certificate, passport), these things stay with you.  If you are packing medicine pack those in sealed containers. This way if they spill it will not damage the rest of the objects in the box.  When packing remember to pack the necessary.  Do not take with you objects that you can buy in the other country such as detergents, soaps, toothpaste and bed spreads.  Another cool tip if you are more of a visual person you can color code each box. For more packing tips make sure to check out the article Moving Help Center: Packing Tips.

Shipping: After you have everything packed take all of those boxes it’s time to ship them.  When shipping take in mind that you should ship them so that they arrive after you do, maybe one or two days before you leave.  But another useful option will be if you are not moving alone.  If you are moving with someone else it would be wise if one of you moved before so when the shipping starts there will be someone to greet the packages.

Getting Settled: This means unpacking.  After you talk that airplane and move too another country there is just one last step before the adventure starts.  When unpacking start with the big packages. Big packages are furniture, kitchen equipment (stoves, freezer), and bookshelves.  After you have this settled start unpacking boxes.

Moving is a lot of work and as you may have heard from everyday conversations it is very stressful.  “The key to make moving a lot easier is organization” says Daniella Camacho.  These steps are fully organized and logical. The lists will help you keep track of your equipment, objects and sanity.  Packing will be made easier when you have a list that tells you what you have, what you need and what you are missing.

One last tip is to move on a date where there is not much demand. Try moving in a time where not many people travel and not during a holiday where airports are full and post offices are receiving lots of packages, it will economize you time.  These steps and tips also work when moving from house to house but in the same country, of course subtracting the shipping step.

Boxes are essential for moving, either in cars or airplanes.


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