Where to lodge as Student of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez

By: Ruth S. Melendez

Back in 2008, Leira Meléndez, a senior microbiology student from University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, began searching for the lodging that she would live in as a freshmen student. After two days all she kept seeing were small rooms, dirty windows, patched floors and old houses. That and the ancient’s owners caused Leira Meléndez stressful moments.

After two days of tough searching she finally found the place she felt comfortable, her parents thought was safe enough for her to live and met the budget they all had.

As Leira Meléndez there are many students of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez who year after years struggle to find a lodging that they could feel comfortable in and that would meet their financial status. For that, here are four lodging options from Terrace to residential areas with control access that would help you match the best place with your budget.


Better known as, “prepa” land, is the perfect place to live if you don’t have a car. First because is really near campus and second because cars can get severely damage with all the potholes, speed bump and car parallel parked. With houses really close to each other and a park in the center of Terrace gives it a feeling that you are in cozy neighborhood.


A Morning at Terrace

This is one of the reason that Jessica Caballero, psychology student from University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez lives there. In a recent interview she dearly said that it was there, where she met all whom what today have become her loving sisters.

Police officer Rafael Santana, from the municipal headquarters of Terrace said in a recent interview that in Terrace there is a very high criminality. “I believe in some cases, the same students are the one who steal from each other,” he added. “As in some cases there not even broken door locks nor grids.”

In a recent survey performed at the University of Mayagüez, Terrace was found as one of the most economical places to live at Mayagüez as an example of this, there is house where you could live with 10 different people, share rooms and pay $185.00 dollars as said the owner of a house, Angel Negrón. “Even though that is not something comfortable, I did it until I found a job and could afford something more private” said Jessica Caballero. 



Miradero, located in a suburb mountain area of Mayagüez, about seven minutes from campus, is a quieter place to live. Leira Meléndez a microbiology student of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, said that she moved to Miradero after her neighbor was assaulted at the Downtown area. “I couldn’t live there thinking that I could get assaulted or robbed as well,” said Leira.

“As you travel to the streets of Miradero you can see the beautiful view of green mountains and the ocean, feeling the cool breezes, makes it a very peaceful and quiet place to live while getting your degree,” said Leira.


The View from Miradero

Daniel Lugo owner of a minimarket in Bellas Lomas, Miradero said in a recent interview that Miradero was a peaceful place to live until students began to live there. With a gesture of concern he said that is because thugs are attracted to student’s electronic devices and sadly this problem would be find everywhere.

In a recent survey performed at the University of Mayagüez, Miradero was found as one of the middle economic places as the price of lodging there is around $275.00 to $450.00. For the owner of a lodging in Miradero, Manuel Tavarez, this cost is fair because Miradero is safe and is really close to the campus.

Down Town

Smelly, dirty streets, cats and dogs, old abandoned buildings, bars and during night a lot of people walking and having fun is what you will find as you walk through Downtown Mayagüez. “Here is where I’ve lived since freshmen and where I will stay,” said Frank Baez a biologist student of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Who joyfully said that in Downtown is where he can party every day and will not have to drive back home.


Lodging Downtown

In a recent interview to Emilio Castro owner of various lodging in Downtown Mayagüez, he agreed with Daniel Lugo, from Miradero, who said that criminality is everywhere and is a rising problem. “The only solution for it, is prevention, that’s why all my lodgings located in Downtown have cameras and are well lighten for nighttime purposes,” he added.

Downtown, in a recent survey performed at the University of Mayagüez, was found as a middle class economic places to live where the cost of lodging is from $200.00 to $650.00.

Residential Areas with Control Access 

 “It might seem like the only safe place to live in these days might be the residential areas with control access,” expressed Arianna Matos in a recent interview. She is paying a little bit more but is like paying for her safety and to feel comfortable, she added. Arianna Matos, business administration student of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, said that she doesn’t have any worries about the money because her mom pays for her lodging without any economical struggles.


The new Bosque 51

Arianna Matos lives in Bosque 51, a brand new modern building located at La Calle Bosque about 10 minutes from campus.  Its green light, open space, new appearance, the smell of fresh linen mixed with the smell of a newly constructed place and access control makes you feel like if you were some place completely outside of La Calle Bosque or Downtown.


In a recent survey performed at the University of Mayagüez residential areas with access control are the most expensive lodging places near the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. The approximate range of price for one of this places would be around $800.00 to $1250.00. Which by the testimony of Arianna Matos is just a matter of what you think is a priority.

In the end, there might be as many different alternatives of were to live as a student from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, as many university carriers or mayors to study when you enter college. “What really matters is where ever you choose to live there you will beco


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