Sexualidades Queer, subversion y resistencia

Sexualidades Queer, subversion y resistencía.
By: José R. Hernández Ávila
March 4, 2014 1:30- 2:45 p.m.
Type of lead: Quotation and second day lead.
News values: Proximity, conflict, affect/impact.

Graduate of the University of Chile Jorge Lucero Díaz, taled about “ the Anal activity and its possibilities of resistance” and openly talked about his personal experience when stereotyping “anal activity.” Almost 30 people attended the conference on March ??? [exact date] at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez (UPRM) . Lucero Díaz referred to people who think alike with these myths about the anal part of the human body as “narrow minded” people. He asked repeatedly “where did all these myths actually come from?”

In years past he’s had to deal with the conflict of people telling him that if he becomes gay and actually has sexual intercourse with another male he automatically becomes “sucio” as in dirty and not a “clean person on the inside” like a “straight” member of society. Another way to explain this was that a man who believes in a capitalist system will always maintain his backside closed or “clean”.
In an interview after the panel Lucero Díaz talked about the most ridiculous stereotype he’s heard. “Blanquear el ano,” he said, which means that having a “clean” or “whitened rear end” will make you a more respectable member of society and having others classify you as something different maybe not even human, in some exaggerated cases, with some people firmly believing this.

Lucero Díaz added that he strongly believes many of these myths which he discussed are actually created by religious beliefs and their negative attitude towards the queer society.
In his presentation Lucero Díaz also challenged the myth of women being inferior to men, letting the audience know that men tend to have a more active sexual mindset and women will likely tend to have a more passive one. Carrying over to a more specific body part in discussions of anal theories in which today’s society we have thought of it and Jorge Lucero mentions his perspective on how those same theories are not in fact accurate.
Initially drawn to the topic of how people have the tendency of thinking that our “rear ends” are only supposed to be used for when we go to the restroom and sit on the toilet,. Jorge emphasized how there are active anal sexuality and passive anal sexuality. Being very explicit with these discussions many audience members were very interested in his different perspectives and putting some stereotypes to rest. While other myths are just ignorant jokes put out there by “narrow minded” people he mentioned earlier in the conference.



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