Being Different Is Being Unique

By: Adriana Cabán Ureña

On March 6, 2014, the performance named Putting Down The Master’s tools, using our words/stories/art to Queer Social Justice  was presented as part of the V Coloquio ¿Del otro lao?: Perspectivas sobre sexualidades queer, which is celebrated every two years in the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez.

The performance, held in the Ramón Figueroa Chapel Amphiteater, was based on different types of interest in respect being heterosexual. Performer Toy Scott ad some of his writings to the presentation were he talked about his feelings and ideas of being a transgender man.

Scott, presented one of his favorite pieces titled “Black Woman, Black Man: Neither or Both” in which he explained he was born girl but felt like a boy. Even though he has female organs he wants people to treat him as a boy because that is how he feels comfortable.

As part of the Colloquium, many professors participate to support the movement of equality; One Of the professors making presence was Prof. Néstor J. Rodríguez, of Computer Engineering Department who is part one the group of professor that long time ago took the initiative to create what we today call the “Colloquim”. Professor Rodriguez explained how in the beginning, the Colloquium was made based in the idea of feminism; On 2005, the second Colloquium was celebrated, the Women Colloquium. Because time pass the idea has developed itself and new movements have emerged, now, the colloquium topics has expanded to cover new important topics of society such as the LGBTT which are the abbreviations for Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender, and Transsexual”. Professor Rodriguez explained:

“25 year ago we began to form a feminist group. Initially it was form of three other professors and me. We dedicated to do activities and workshops. Time past and we wanted to push the idea of making a Study Center of Women.”

In othe side, some students shared commentaries of how Colloquium was positive to the entire community no matter ideologies or believing. “The Colloquium is a great initiative that shows points of view that are different from those we are used to seeing” , said José Couvertier, student of chemistry at UPRM.

“It can help people that are living the same situation. Activities like these are necessary, because people can learn.” said mechanical engineering student Eric Muñoz Hernández, who came for the first time years ago and has continued coming every time the Colloquium takes place.

Professor Rodriguez, end up adding this message: “The important thing is that you need an agenda to know how to deal with inequality, hate, prejudice and other negative things. We all should contribute.”

Performer Toy Scott preparing for his presentation

Performer Toy Scott preparing for his presentation


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