People Trans in Latin America

By: Edgar Enríquez Mercado

Salvador Vidal, Ph.D. a sociology professor of the American University offered a conference as a keynote speaker in the Figueroa Chapel Theater at the UPR-Mayaguez about how the Trans have been evolving in America. He defined the term queer as symbols and language. Standing up in the podium he declared that sex is not gender which one of the most confusion, he made reference with Gayle Rubin who is an anthropologist and has her book of gender/sex formation.
There are two oppression words homophobic and sexism, the first one are controlling almost the entire society. But the professor has been making a research on how the Trans people could involve into the normal community. Everybody could think that it will be the weirdest thing, working with a man wearing woman clothes “I never heard something like this” Yanira Ramos said. It is something that anyone are used to be.
Furthermore his project focus is in Colombia where the major of Bogota began to make changes hiring a transgender to a government position. Also he is working on an edited book on LGBT Activism in the U.S .and Puerto Rico. Finally his goal is that everybody and the rest of the world can live around transgender, in addition we will transform into a more equally world.

Salvador Vidal making his presentation.

Salvador Vidal making his presentation.


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