Queer Society Movement: Their situation these days

Among all the events taking place on Thursday, March6, was the panel titled “Sexualidades Queer, Educacion y Bullying”, with the moderator Mary Sefranek, English professor at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus.

She gives the course of English Intermediate addressed to LBGTIQ Issues. The purpose of this class, same as the V Coloquio, is to acceptance of LGBTT people in the society. She has been giving this course for approximately four years already.

Among the participants in the panel was Maria R. Sharron, a psychology professor at the Brooklyn College in New York. She is also member of an association named GLARE (Gay and Lesbian Advocacy in Research and Education) whose the mission is to create safest institutions for people of LGBTIQ community. She declared herself lesbian and has passed through difficult situations of discrimination, which is why she is embracing this mission, with the purpose of making other people aware so they don’t have to live the same oppression and bullying in their lives.

Mabel López Ortiz, teacher of a school in Puerto Rico, presented “Bullying Homofóbico: el discurso del rechazo”. She made a survey about the students that are bullied in schools and how the social workers manage the situation, focusing from the 1970’s through now, and discovered that the most of the victim’s of bullying had the same qualities and attitudes. For example: most or all of them were shy and pacific while the aggressors were aggressive and chauvinist.

In the activity she presented some real stories from bullied students and other people, who all had traumas because of these bad experiences that had affected them in different ways.

At the end of the panel, Prof. Loida Martinez Ramos, read an essay that she wrote named “El reto de lo queer al escenario pedagógico”. After that the public was allowed to ask questions to the panelists and the panel ended at 5:00 pm. About 120 students and other people attended the event, wich took place in the amphitheatre of the Chardón Building.

The Fifth Coloquio “Del otro La’o” took place on Tuesday, March 4th 2014, in the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (UPRM). This event had a duration of three days in which different events related to the “Queer” or “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Intersexual and Queer” (LGBTI) society. These activities had the mission of transmiting a message to society about “LBGTIQ” issues, to try make world a better place and lower the rate of discrimination to the population.


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