Rights of the Queer community

By: Reina Santiago

The Puerto Rico Bar Association President Ana Irma Rivera Lassén talked at the V Coloquio ¿Del Otro La’o? about the rights the queer community does and doesn’t have, held at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus from March 4 through March 6.
More than 50 people attended the conference on March 4, most of them were UPRM students.


Ana Irma Rivera Lassén, president of the Puerto Rico Bar Association.
Photo by author

Coloquio coordinator Dr. Lissette Rolón Collazo broke the silence in the room to present Rivera Lassén. “Ana Irma Rivera Lassén is a feminist activist, lawyer, and human rights defender. She has been active in the areas of women’s rights, the fight against racism, discrimination based on sexual orientation and human rights in general,” said Rolón in her introduction and added, “she also works on issues of social and cultural rights, gender violence and its relation to the electronic media is co-founder and activist in Puerto Rico also several major organizations working on these issues.

Rivera Lassén started her argument about the laws and rights that the queer community has, which are not a lot. “We still have an incomplete citizenship,” said the keynote speaker, adding that this mostly includes women or part of the LGBTTIQ community. In her argument she also emphasized the matter of race or ethnicity that most people are judged in the work community but also in the general society.
Conference attendee Guillermo Ruiz, a UPRM student, rated the event as “very important because it cleared up how many people in the LGBTT community are affected by the law which is an important tool in resisting said unjust laws.”
Meanwhile another UPRM student who spoke under the condition of anonymity agreed that the event was a positive experience. “Despite the goal of resisting such laws and trying to change them, these views were expressed without malice or hate, only determination.”


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