Round table about Sexuality

By: Edgar Enríquez Mercado

During the event V Coloquio del Otro La’o, in the Figueroa Chapel amphitheater the UPR- Mayaguez. There are single testimonies about 4 different homosexual people, who tell us how they faced discrimination and got rejected by others.

Here are the four participants in the table telling their testimony.

Here are the four participants in the table telling their testimony.

All of them seated in around table started to talk about their lives. Behind the theme of recognizing its identities the first to speak was Yolanda Arroyo, an extroverted black woman who has her own nickname “lesbo terrorista”. She was not afraid on express its feelings nor saying what is her couple neither, a white girl. In a trip to Africa while she been with her lover, a man insulted both for being lesbians.
Actually Yolanda feels happy living with her girlfriend and nothing negative cares for her.
The boxer Orlando “El Fenómeno” Cruz with his shades on started to tell that in his childhood, he needed something more as far as he found out that he was gay. He got married last year in N.Y. but his major desire was making it in Puerto Rico. He described how people attack him verbally wherever. For him Puerto Rico is not prepared for gay marriage and it is something that will take a long time. Consequently a gay couple who was at the audience was able to tell me that they feel no shame for who they are, that was very sincere.
Another was Dania Garcia also a black woman who always had her position of being lesbian.But an interesting story was the testimony by Tai Scott, an afro American woman who had 2 conflicts: racism and discrimination. Once she enters to a Cristian school in Texas the rejection was obvious by the students. She always was looking forward until the discrimination and other critics was not a problem. There was the opportunity that the speakers had, letting know that they are common persons like everyone.


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