The Queer Restlessness

By: Cristina Ramírez Ellín

On March 5, the Exposición y Espectáculo de Danza: Cuerpos Desnudos (‘Queer’ Sexualities: Exhibition and Dance Show: Nudes Bodies) took place in the Amphitheater Ramón Figueroa Chapel of the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez at 5 p.m., as part of the V Coloquio ¿Del Otro La’o? Sexualidades Queer.

The piece, according to Elmer Pérez, director of the Dance Academy “Ballet Escenario” and the choreographer of Cuerpos Desnudos, “expresses and exposes occurrences being experienced firsthand within the queer culture through the most primitive language in existence: corporeal expression.”

“Cuerpos Desnudos”, is a story about a couple, Gabriel and Chacha, all expressed in dance. Chacha is an ordinary girl who faces problems with Gabriel; he is a “straight” man that eyes another man, Karl. The two boys start dating and Karl eventually makes Gabriel come out of the “closet.”


The scenery at Amphitheater Ramón Figueroa Chapel.

“The presentation is conducted to involve an issue where there are judges” said Pérez.

On the other hand, the choreographer and director, Elmer Pérez, developed certain details in the scene: the symbolism of the frames on stage, from left to right, one was straight and the other one was tilted. “This symbolism is a detail where I was able to demonstrate that in the relationship something was wrong” Pérez said.

“Karl and Gabriel, both young, represent any person physically or in the appearance” Pérez expressed. The young people on stage, one shirtless (Gabriel) and the other one completely covered (Karl), is one of the details that the choreographer Pérez, highlighted in the scene. This means that the young entire covered of black is gay and the other one shirtless, he realized that he too was a homosexual person.

In the scene, Gabriel takes Karl’s, where Gabriel’s right hand is on top and the left hand of Karl, is below.  This symbolizes, the everyday scene, a man takes the hand of her partner, for the partner to be “safe and secure” Pérez said.

“Cuerpos Desnudos” ends when Chacha agrees and acknowledges that Gabriel and Karls should be together and finally she was like Gabriel’s friend.

At the end of dance, the choreographer, Elmer Pérez, responded questions from the audience, which was identified with the scene and said “I make my students live the characters.”

Director Pérez, closed the event by telling the audience that “these cases now are hidden and not talked about but I think this is changing and soon it will be an open topic of discussion.”

This piece or show, ended in half an hour.


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