Toi Scott’s Performance

By: Yilka M. García Rivera

            On Thursday March 6 Toi Scott a transsexual African-American man from Texas presented her performance in the Amphitheater Ramón Figueroa Chapel at the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez. He read articles, poetry, and showed his blog. The performance titled Putting down the Master’s Tools, Using Our Words/Stories/ Art to Queer Social Justice, this event was part of the V Coloquio del Otro La’o: Perspectivas sobre Sexualidades “Queer”.

            Around 30 people who assisted the event were concentrated while Scott, artist, read his poetry, one of them called “Survivin’”. This poem was created to show how the “queer” or so called LGBTT community struggles, suffers, and survives the cruel reality and truth of the society we live in. Another poem read by Scott was called “Blanketed: A Poem about My Heritage,” which is about her past and her ancestors.

The performer also writes about health, poverty, and the world needs. The Amphitheater was half full, a little bit dark and cold. Scott performed each and every one of his writings. “Writing is a way of healing ourselves,” he said.


Toi Scott performing her poem about her heritage.

The performance lasted almost 2 hours. After Scott finished telling his story of how he struggled coming out as a transgender, the audience asked questions and commented things about the performance. Some thanked Scott because he gave them hope and made them feel confident and safe.

            Edward Martínez, a second year nursing student at UPRM who attended the event, appreciated Scott’s performance. “It gave me a new way to see things, not just the LGBTT community but also how people suffer with no food or shelter,” he said in an interview.




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