For Tastes Colors Were Made

By: Adriana Cabán Ureña

Queer Sexualities: Asexuality, pan-sexuality, polyamory and monogamy was the title of one of the panels at the V Coloquio ¿Del otro lao?: Perspectivas sobre sexualidad queer. From March 4 to March 6, many students, professors, and members of the community took time to visit at  least one of the presentations given in the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez  also known as Colegio.

The Colloquium, which is seen as an opportunity to teach people more about sexuality and ways of living, is held every two years.

At Celis building in the conference room 008, listeners attended the panel. Panelists had a purple t-shirt that said in the back the name of the Colloquium which identify them from the rest. All the white tables were occupied, even in the carpet floor part of the listeners were sitting.

When it was time to talk about panseaxuality and asexuality, commentaries and questions arose. “Pansexuality is when an individual doesn’t limit to just two genders,” said one of the panelists, Steven Ramos. A person from the audience commented: “Asexuality could never be explained because for everyone it could mean something different.”

At the end of the discussion many in the room agreed that for some people being an asexual person means absence of a sexual attraction and for others, being asexual is not having the capacity to have a romantic feeling for another person.

In addition some students decided to share some comments like did the student ofiterature and volunteer at the Colloquium,  Emanuel de León who said ; “Sexuality should have liberty, as for heterosexuality. No one blames heterosexuality, it doesn’t make them different.” The student then add: “What I like most is the topics they bring, which people consider taboo topics. One time i came to the Colloquium and when I entered the conference I heard, “…anus”. At first I shook then I learned that they were explaining the sexual anal-active life,” he added.The Student Emanuel de León  let us  knew that HIV testing was one of the many services and sources the Colloquim brought this year 2014. “People had come to me asking about the Free HIV testings, they need to know that the resources are here and for free” he add.

Some students expressed their gratitude like did the Colegio Chemistry student and also volunteer Hector Ocasio who share the following words: “I’ve have had the opportunity to know different types of persons, everyone with a different ideology and interests”. Like this student many other decide to express their gratitude as did the Colegio student,Adelis Pérez from the History Department“I can’t classify myself as just part of the organization committee, we are all ants, working in a volunteer labor for a good purpose”.

”The Colloquium offers people the opportunity to participate as volunteers, panelists or just listeners, it doesn’t matter in which area you want to contribute because just being here shows that you believe  in a better world and in justice of equality. That’s message the Colloquium wants to to delivers,  is the union without complaining about differences in gender or ideal’s, it is our mission.” Finished the Chemistry department student, Jose Couvertier.

Queer Sexualities: Asexuality, pan-sexuality, polyamory and monogamy Conference Panel

Queer Sexualities: Asexuality, pan-sexuality, polyamory and monogamy Conference Panel


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