Abolition Of The Duck

By: Cristina M. Correa Franceschi

In the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez the “V Coloquio ¿Del otro Lao? Perspectivas sobre sexualidades queer” (V Colloquium from the other side? Perspectives about queer sexualities) took place from Tuesday March, 4 to Thursday March, 6. On Wednesday March, 5 2014 at the amphitheater Figueroa Chapel, Aravind E. Adyanthaya & Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes presented the book “ La abolición del pato” (Abolition of the Fag) by La Fountain-Stokes.


Mr. Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes & Mr. Aravind Adyanthaya speaking to the public.

Adyanthaya presented the book in a performance so that everyone in the audience could go to the stage and participate. In the first story they were like swimming, in the second story Adyanthaya taught participants how to socialize with one another, taking the chance to experience how they were going to approach one another. Then Adyanthaya asked La Fountain-Stokes a series of question about the book and what he thought about certain words that are related to the story.

Then La Fountain-Stokes read a story called “La pata de atrás” (The rear leg) that was about the homosexuals that were oppressed in Spain that came to Puerto Rico. The session concluded with a series of questions and comments.
About 40 people attended the event. One of them, Madeline Cruz said she attended the conference because she is a lesbian and was interested about the topic of the book and to know more about the abolition of homosexuality as such.


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