Not A Typical Play

By: Elbin G. Torres

The “Coloquio ¿Del Otro La’o? Perspectivas Sobre Sexualidades “Queer””is an organized by students and professors of the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez to foment dialogue and debate on issues related to non-heteronormative sexualities also known as LGBTT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Transsexual).

This event consisted of many activities from March 4 to 6, 2014 in the UPRM Campus. One of them was a play called “La Llamada de Lauren” (The call of Lauren), which was shown on March 5 in the Ramón Figueroa Chapel Amphitheater. There were about 320 persons attending, many were UPRM students and some of them were of the lesbian and gay community. The rest were parents and professors of the campus.


A scene from the play “La Llamada de Lauren”.

“La Llamada De Lauren” was about a man that dressed himself as a woman to satisfy his own desires. The wife then dresses herself as a man to continue the game but she noticed that he was for real and ended the game. He ended up going to the carnival dressed up as a woman and she ended up in bed crying because her husband was a transsexual.

At the end of the play the actors and the organizers gathered at the scenario and introduced themselves. After that, they started a forum and answered questions from the public.

Christian Tejada, an UPRM student, said: “We did not attend because we were interested, we were invited by our friends.” Anthony Pérez, Tejada’s friend and UPRM student also, said: “I do not agree with the themes presented in this play.” A few persons left in the beginning of the play when the male protagonist was dressing as a woman.

Dr. Roberta Orlandini, professor is the Department of Humanities at UPRM, introduced the play. “This play represents the frustration of men and women that are not satisfied with their body or sexuality, they recur to dressing up as the opposite gender and in occasions even operate their bodies in order to be satisfied,” Orlandini said.



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