Romance from a Different Perspective

By: Glorinés Ruiz González

On Wednesday, March 5 as part of the “V Coloquio ¿Del otro la’o? Coloquio de  Sobre Sexualidades Queer” a film screening was hosted by  Professor Lissette Rolón Collazo at the “Salón Tarzán” in the Student Center of the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez campus- UPRM.

The movie screening schedule located at the Salón Tarzán in the student center of the UPRM.

Rolón Collazo introduced “The world Unseen,”  a 2007 historical drama film written and directed by Shamim Sarif, adapted from her own novel. 

The movie portrayed the lives of two women living in South Africa during  the Apartheid.  An event that took place in there in the 1940´s and was a system of racial segregation enforced through legislation by the National Party governments of the country.

The conflict of the story revolves around two Indian South African women Miriam and Amina living in South Africa who fall in love in a racist, sexist, and homophobic society.  The first one; Miriam, is married and has children and the other; Amina, is much known for her liberal and revolutionary ideas.

Fifteen UPRM students attended the activity and participated in the discussion panel that was held after the screening by Rolón Collazo. The panel was centered on questions asked to the public in which the present student’s gave out their perspective and reviewed on the main issue portrayed in the film.

Humanities Professor Lissette Rolón Collazo discussing the film with students of the UPRM.

Humanities Professor Lissette Rolón Collazo discussing the film with students of the UPRM.

The professor commented “even though it has passed a lot of time since the apartheid was held in South Africa LGBTT sexual preferences are still an enigma and taboo in society caused by lack of tolerance and by the moralist culture”.

The V Coloquio ¿Del otro la’o? Coloquio sobre Sexualidades Queer is held on campus every two years and is centered in providing different orientations for the university community. The event was held from Tuesday, March 4 through Thursday, March 6 and took place in different sites on campus following a schedule that usually began at 8:00 a.m. and ended at 11:00 p.m.







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