The Truth Nobody Sees

By: Aixa M. Rivera

The first day of the V Coloquio del Otro La’o: Perspectivas sobre Sexualidades Queer, hosted at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez on March 4-6, closed with the play, “Del Otro La’o Del Espejo” (From the other side of the mirror) by the Association of Theather Students in Education (AEDE, for its Spanish acronym). The play took place in the Ramón Figueroa Chapel Amphitheater, in the Chardón Building at 9:00pm.

The play started with a slight presentation of the four main characters. Karina, (played by Lizmarily Rodríguez), is a lesbian trying to be a mother with her girlfriend, Laura. Karina and Laura seek help from Paco who is in love with Laura, to give them his sperm to have a baby. Paco feels he’s entitled to the baby just because he has his DNA.

Later, Cristian (played by Ricardo Rivera), an openly gay man, enters the scene. He is in love with Ismael, who is a basketball player hiding his sexual orientation; they have a fight because he has a problem “getting out of the closet”. In this story, we see a struggle between the main character and his boyfriend since he’s hiding himself and is not acting like a boyfriend should act, according to Cristian.

A character that created a lot of controversy in the audience was Raúl, a gay man who wants to serve his church. He’s confronted by a woman pastor of certain rumors she had been hearing around the church that he had been spending time with a man. He admits to this and this breaks out in a fight between them since she wanted to “convert” him to a heterosexual male and he said he was born that way and that his being gay doesn’t disqualify him to teach the young the right way of life.

The last character introduced was Héctor (played by Axel Sánchez), who brought the most insight to the audience about the LGBTT community. Héctor represented a transvestite male who is found by his parents. His parents found him and his mother, who had noticed that her clothes were missing, supported him but his father hit him when he found out.

This play brought a lot of insight to the audience about the LGBTT community. Isabel Contreras, a student from the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez campus, went to see the play to get a perspective about this community but in a more creative manner. “ I had another view about how people interacted with people from the LGBTT community. This play brought a different perspective in a fun way,” she said after the play ended.



The cast, members of AEDE, from the play “Del Otro La’o del Espejo.”


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