Special People: Makes a Difference

Ana M. Pérez (sitting) with her sister Marilyn Perez.

Ana M. Pérez (sitting) with her sister Marilyn Perez.

BY: Anais Cabán

Ana M. Pérez, 41, does not rest until she tries everything at hand to help people in need.

She is a medium-height woman of 5’4”, dark brown hair and white skin. Her eyes are dark brown too with a white line inside the iris, because of “a health condition.”
She has lived in Cerro Gordo Medina, Moca since 1992, after she married. Her two-story house, is located in a hill with few neighboring houses. She has been working in an office of the Department of the Family for almost two years.
The Family Department is a government office that provides money to help low-income families. She is an administrative assistant, so her work entails doing whatever is need in the office. Currently she answering the phone helping persons with their questions and in front desk.
She loves helping people and that is what this work offers her, but her labor doesn’t end there.
“I do community work every time is required, with neighbors and people that I know every day.” she said.
Georgina M. Morales, 57, with red short hair and white skin, is one of the persons Pérez has helped on many occasions.
“I met her a few years ago but, never talked too much with until three years ago when we began a nice friendship. She has helped me and my family in numerous occasions and we are very grateful with her” said Morales.
Ana was born in St. Carlos Hospital in Moca and was raised in Capá, Moca until she was 12 years old. Then she moved to Voladoras, Moca until she married.
“My childhood was a little difficult because our economic situation was not the best. Sometimes there was nothing to eat; neighbors rejected us for being poorer than them. In my family we were eight plus mom and dad. Dad worked in agriculture and sold the vegetables but money was still not enough because my dad had a problem with alcohol and he spent a lot of money on it.” she said.
“My mother was quite devoted to God and the Church and well dedicated to her family. She married my dad very young. Despite all the people in the church helped us on many occasions” she said. “I started working at 16. After school I took public transportation to get to work many times, I had my driving license at 16 and with effort and time I bought my first car, a “Nova”.These and other experiences made her treasure what she has now and be thankful to God and life because she and her family and loved ones are fine and have the necessary to live.
Right now she has a nice job in an office, but it wasn’t always like that.
“I had work in a lot of bakeries, even I managed one, I worked wood cabinet crafting, shoes factories, making sandwiches, cleaning houses, a cashier and babysitting”Her devotion to helping people even made her wanting to work someday as a volunteer in St. Jude’s Research Hospital in Memphis, USA. This hospital is specialized in the treatments of children with cancer.

She plans to work as volunteer in St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

She plans to work as volunteer in St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“After I finished raising my children and retire, I plan to work as volunteer in St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I want to be helpful in life and I suffer every time when I see the commercials of sick children. I have lost a lot of people because of cancer and I want to do something about it, and helping there is a nice way to do it.”
She has passed through difficult situations, the most difficult were the loss of her second daughter and one of her brothers.
“The loss of loved ones is one of the most painful things in life, my childhood was a though one too, but it never compares to that.”
“Despite all the difficulties she faced every day, she is a fine example to follow,” a said her younger sister Marilyn Perez, 30, a dark, short hair tall woman.
“She helped me out in many occasions, she took cares of me when I most needed, understand me and gives me advises and still now we watch out each other back”
Ana M. Pérez is a normal woman with exceptional characteristics and ideals, she work for what she wants and makes her best to help other reached their well being.
Every community has special people that make a difference though their lives. She can be considered one of these people that with their experiences make a difference and serve as an inspiring story.


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