Being a Good Example of Life

By: Edgar EnriquezImage

Everybody knows him in the town of Sabana Grande, if you lives there and you does not know who Miguel Mercado is you are definitely lost.
“I began to be recognized since I had the first furniture store here,” he says. His neighbor Doña Carmen describes him like a part of family, “It has been almost 50 years that we are neighborhoods”. Miguel, 81, a smaller man with a very white hair but always a smile on his face born and raised in barrio Indiera Maricao, PR is the first of seven siblings living with their mother, Juana Morales, a very exemplar mother who had to take care of her children.
Miguel seated with his old glasses in the dining room of his house began to say how hard he worked to maintain his family. Collecting coffee with the sunlight in your head, that was not fun. He had to walk about eight miles every day without shoes to carry out the coffee. But “this was things that you had to do, he said”. Then in the adolescence at the age of 18 he enters to the Army which spends five years. After all he got married to the most beautiful woman as he said who had 7 children together. Later he began to be a business man during the 70s taking business of his own furniture store

“Commercial Mercado” even marketing in the past does not is what is today, it was more easily before. ”I do not remember anyone who tried to complicated my life in my work” an advantage to be the owner. The family had a well economic status; their Sunday trip to lunch was common every week. Once his children graduated from college he decide to retire; and the question that everybody asks is how a person can entertain himself being in his house all day?
Well for him is simple, he walk every morning, sits with the neighborhoods to talk, “You always find a way to entertain yourself in this life” Doña Carmen words. Somehow it has been 13 years since his wife past away and he learned a lot of things living alone thorough the years. A major motivation are its children, all of them professionals who always concerned with him. “We are here for him, we are his support” said Norma his younger daughter.
Watching her stand, he says that she seems like her mother Isabel, she always bring a memory from her. For his son Jose, he describes his father a humble peaceful person, an experienced business despite his education limits. “He is a person to admire”.
For Miguel he feels that he accomplished all of his goals, having a wonderful family are his smile every day. All that he wants is health and life to his 13 grandchild which loves too much.

He has an advice to all young college students; and is that you have to pursuit your dreams and follow your goals no matter what; you always will obtain a reward for your sacrifices. “I know the life now is not easy but today you have the technology, you are the future.”


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  1. Paula said,

    October 20, 2014 at 12:00 am10

    Me hɑ gustado tu blog. Algunops articulos no me
    molaron tanto, sin embargo la gran mayorа son bastantе buenos.


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