Mami Dolores

By: Valerie Chique


Mami Dolores and her granddaughter.

Mami Dolores (Mommy Dolores) is a 73- year- old woman who is passionate about her family.m everyone fondly called “She t does not like people who are not committed to the future: “if you do not fight or work there’s no future worth to society,” she said.
Mami Dolores, a short, light-skinned woman who dyes her hair blonde, grew up in poor and worked hard to obtain what she wanted with her own merits. She grew up in Mayagüez, where she claims to have learned to be the person she is today. Her parents instilled in her the value of work and taught her to be strong and not be swayed by people and / or sexist comments at that time.

Since childhood she liked sewing and other crafts, which she perfected and developed as her greatest passion and dedication. Over the years she began working for the Telephone Company from Puerto Rico which was at that time at its height. Dolores Sanchez, her real name, slowly tried to win the post of supervisor of the Telephone Company because the social injustices of that time were such that, as she recalls, men got those positions quickly while women had to wait years for that to happen. For Mami Dolores it was very important to be independent and never give up.

Reflecting on her past, Mami Dolores has many stories to share. She recalls that on one of her trips to the United States, in a beach in Miami, she met her first husband, who would become the father of her 3 childrens.

Juan Chique was a member of the US army whose family lived in Venezuela. Dolores recalls that that beach day ” was a surprise, but we fell in love the moment we met; it was an excited young relationship.”. A week later Juan asked Dolores to marry him and they got married a month later. The relationship did not go well; in time Dolores realized that Juan was a depressive alcoholic and put an end to the marriage. Despite all the problems, three boys were borne of that marriage: the first named Gary, the middle Paul and the youngest named Byron.


Mami Dolores when she was 15 years old.

Dolores never had other children. When her children had children she told everyone in the family, “do not call me grandmother, that makes me feel old, call me Mami Dolores.” From there on everyone in the family, her children, grandchildren and even the neighbors, started calling her “Mami Dolores.”

After working in the Telephone Company in the 1970 ‘s and 1980’s the company closed and Dolores was forced to look for another job. She was unemployed for a few Years, months, clarify to demonstrate that you conducted your research]. Eventually she found work at a designer clothes store where she designed apparel for every season.

She worked at this job for XXXX years [please specify]. When she turned 55 she decided to retire and live the quiet life without obligations. At that time you she had “freedom” until now that she has been very dedicated to her grandchildren’s.
Dolores has seven grandchildren, : Noraida , Gabriel and Byron Jr. sons of Byron , Valerie and Deborah sons of Paul, finally Silkia and Juan sons of Gary . She has cared for and watched over each of her grandchildren.

Educationally she received a diploma of the José de Diego high school in Mayagüez , but soon after she became certified in sewing. Laura Quinoñes, 72, Mami Dolores neighbor in Alturas de Mayaguez, has known her for 40 years . Quiñones described her as “a fighter and beautiful woman.” She added that “many old ladies would like to have what she has: safety and happiness”.
Laura said that Mami Dolores wakes up each morning, makes coffee and takes it in the balcony of her house, quiet , admiring the landscape of the neighborhood. Also she occasionally drives to the mall with her Toyota Camry 2005, a gift from his son Gary.
Among all the adventures Dolores has had, one that she especially recalls is her trip to England. After being single for a long time she did hesitate to fall in love again. At age 60 she remarried. Her husband was a Scotsman named Henry whom she met while aboard a cruise vacation.

As Dolores recalls it, Henry spotted her in the Captain Dinner while she was sitting with her friends. He bought her a drink, which she accepted, but then stopped to verify who it was from. To her surprise, it was from “a white, blond and Scottish man”. She, in the short time they were on the cruise, met him and got engaged. A few months later they married. They spent time in England and when they returned to Puerto Rico Mami Dolores realized that Henry had Alzheimer’s. She could not help the situation and sent him to his country. She never saw him again.

Mami Dolores is a role model for her perseverance and desire to continue a good life. She raised her children on her own, without the help of any man. Many people may call her “pretentious” or “pimp” but that’s part of her life. That’s part of being her. Mami Dolores, an inspiring mom.





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