The Dearest Minister

By Manuel Estela

Alejandro García is a minister at a small, well decorated evangelical church called The City of Truth in Guayanilla. The decorations of this particular church are not what make it unique, but what it does thanks to its minister.
Minister Alejandro García was born in Zaragoza, Spain on October 7, 1973 and was inspired by his grandmother who was very enthusiastic in her faith and devoted to serving God. His grandmother also helped teach many of the members of his family about faith.
When he was 15, he had a disease in both of his kidneys and after recovery he chose to dedicate his life into not only serving God but helping people in need as well.
During the church meetings in Guayanilla he always appears in a bright colored suit with pants to match with only the two top buttons closed with a small cross pin, colorful tie and brown shoes.
Minister García has abeen married for 14 years and is the father of four adorable children. His family has also been fundamental in this ministry.
Alejandro García has been in ministry for 20 years. In his first steps he was named a leader in a small church in Guayanilla and in 2010 was nominated as the minister achieving complete management.
In the church he gives prayers and words of wisdom based on God and leads the community through a path of rectitude. By doing community service along with many others that attend the church he helps people reach internal security. The minister along with assistance aid people or “brothers” as they call each other by alleviating sadness with words of comfort.
“The principles of the kingdom of heaven are enacted by every creature,” he said. He wishes to become an instrument in the hands of God not as a personal goal but as a ministerial one. He wants to make a channel of faith in which people can open internal doors in their lives with perseverance, faith and confidence.
Although he has helped many people reach their internal confidence, it is not very easy since there are a lot of people who have needed help.
“He is a tremendous minister that cares for his town. He is like a shepherd who cares for his sheep so that they can do good things in the eyes of the Lord,” said Myrtelina Irizarry, an elderly lady that has attended this church for years.
Every time Minister Alejandro is introduced in each church meeting he is usually called
The Dearest! (“El más querido!”). This nickname was chosen for him by those who have attended this church for years.
“I don’t promote it or ask people to call me that,” said the minister. “For 20 years I have been a minister in this church and have been here
for the people who have attended the church long before I got here, for the new ones who have arrived and for the newborn.”
Throughout the year Minister García and those who attend the church organize events to help the community by giving gifts to the poor. They also help by giving gifts and comforting those who have lost family members such as widows and orphans. “We do this because we are called to serve those in need.”
One of the most notable events that Minister García organizes is during Three Kings Day (Día de los Tres Reyes Magos). In this event many toys and candy are gathered in a coach which passes through the neighborhoods of Guayanilla and these gifts are given to the children of the town. The streets that day are usually filled with families with their children playing with their newly given toys and siren alarms and music can be heard through town.
Minister García is a slim man, approximately 5’ 10” tall, with medium- white skin. He has a habit of putting on a small but real smile when meeting people or when talking; however, when he is giving his speeches and prayers he is serious. His eyes are dark colored and present a happy expression to match the rest of his face even as he presents a serious face. His hair is always styled from front to the back with hair gel.
He always has a straight posture when preaching or when meeting people. During his speeches and prayers he speaks loudly in an enthusiastic voice so that the entire church can hear him. While he greets people he keeps the enthusiastic voice yet in a calm and friendly manner.
During the end of each church meeting Minister Alejandro García always stands outside the exit of the church to meet all those who exit. And he doesn’t just greet them, he greets each by name and asks them how they are doing in each of their professions, studies and even lifestyles.
“Even though he is still young he is one of the blessed beings in which our celestial father counts on. He is an angel sent by God. We need more people like him,” said Pedro A. Ocasio Santos, a gentleman who has attended this church for twelve years with his wife.


In this picture Minister Alejandro García is giving one of his inspirational speeches to the attendees. He sometimes gestures when he is giving them.


Minister Alejandro García at the end of each church meeting. Alejandro waits outside to greet the people leaving church at the end of service.


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