Puerto Rico Music Venues

By: Juan Nieves

Juan Carlos Rodríguez and Gonzalo López from Tercer Cielo band playing live at Coliseo de Puerto Rico, José Miguel Agrelot on May.

At the time, the band was playing on a Caribbean tour, which lasted about two months ending up in Puerto Rico.

The coliseum was packed with over ten thousand people from all over the Island in a single venue.




Ismael “El Flaco” Rivera playing drums next to Antonio “Shaka” Rivera, on the guitar, and Isabel Valdez on the vocals in a concert held at Palacio de Recreación y Deportes in Mayagüez.

An interesting fact about “El Flaco” is that, he being that skinny, hits the drums very hard with such punch (term used to describe how hard he hits the bass drum).

“Le doy pa’ romperla”, as he would say to explain the fact he hits the drums very hard.


David S Ancalle rocking his Fender Stratocaster. He plays from soft rock to hard rock with a dubstep twist. Some people would say rock and dubstep don’t mix but man; only he can pull that off.

Ancalle is a engineering student who plays guitar, bass, keys and sing in his band called Vankio.

This picture was taken during the 10K “La Calendaria” at Isidoro “Cholo” García stadium. The place was packed with people from all ages.


Steven, Raul, Eric, Kevin, Adriel, Christopher, Jamileth singing at school at the honored students gala. All of them are students from “Eladio Tirado” high school. They performed “Rosas” from Oreja de Van Gogh; song they rehearsed for four weeks.

In this picture we see kids from freshmen, sophomore and seniors playing different instruments. The teachers only emphasize in a single  instrument per students to ensure full focus and maximise their learning experience.


A group of friends having a laugh after playing a set of 10 songs at Theopolis, Mayagüez.

These are all current students of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez campus. In this picture we see true friendship and good laughs, like some of them said in a interview. “We play together just for the fun of it and mostly to exalt God’s name”, Ivan Feliciano said.

This picture was taken at Denny’s restaurant located in Mayagüez around three in the morning.


In this picture we see Joel Houston, music director of Hillsong United, playing acoustic guitar at José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum.

This is the first time Hillsong United  comes to Puerto Rico for a concert, which was filled to its capacity from people all over the island.

Hillsong United is a worship band that originated as a part of Hillsong Church in Sydney Australia.



“El Truco” music trio playing at a mother’s day festival held in Rincón at the town’s plaza.

From left to right there is Raul, Enrique, Fabio “Pepo” and Luis Augusto, all members of the band.

This picture was taken on mother’s day at around 9 pm. At the time, the plaza was filled with locals and families from around the town.



In this picture we see Anabel Zubillaga on the vocals and Marcos Bremer on the drums playing in Puerto Rico on their world tour with the band. Both of them from the band “En Espíritu y en Verdad” which is a Mexican praise & worship band playing at the Arecibo coliseum.

“En Espíritu y en Verdad” is a Christian band which has written a lot of iconic songs where churches around the planet sing every Sunday morning.

This was the first time the band plays in Puerto Rico and was a total success because the stadium was packed with people.


Juan Carlos Rosa, 27, has played guitar since he was five years old. He is the current lead guitarist of the alternative rock band, Loyal2One.

The main influences in Juan’s playing are U2 and Coldplay, because of all the delays and reverb effects they use.

Juan has been the main guitarist of the band for five years straight and has recorded three studio albums.



“Esperanza de Vida” band playing at the “Choliseo” coliseum at Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.

Currently, the band has 10 members. Their music genre emphasizes in alternative/P&W music.

The band consist of five women and five men, all of them from Spain except Jaime González, the drummer, who is currently living in Germany and working in Spain. This their fourth time in the island and every time they make a show they’ll just fill any stadium in the island.



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