Sammy the black man with a white heart

By: Angel J. Vega

Sammy, a 19-year-old college student at The University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez studies mathematical sciences. To some people this may sound impressive but the real impressive story is before he got to college.

Sammy was born on January 27, 1994 in Moca Puerto Rico. His parents, a very happy couple, were waiting for that day for months. Everything was going perfect until he was born; his mother instantly noticed something “strange” about him, he was black.

Coming from white parents this was a very unusual thing. His dad was convinced that he couldn’t be his son but the DNA tests prove that he was. With no other option they started raising him and they tried to do their best but sometimes doing the best doesn’t mean that you are doing the right thing.

When asked about his childhood?, Sammy said: “ I am asked this question very often, only one answer comes to mind, abysmal. I was the only person with different skin color and I felt rejected by my entire family.”

The financial status of Sammy’s family was going down very quickly. At that moment he was beginning school and he had to buy his own things because his parents were not able to do it so he decided to find his own money.

At that time his neighborhood was like a flea market, everyone was selling things to other persons and he decided to give it a shot. After some days the money wasn’t enough so he decided to start selling drugs. Later on he saw in what he was getting into and decided to quit selling drugs and live a more honest life.

At the age of 9 Sammy started a very close relationship with his uncle Alex Feliciano. In a couple of months Alex was his father, his mother and his best friend. Thanks to this relationship Sammy’s school performance improvedand his real spirit started showing up. He was very happy with his first and only friend so he decided to find more.

One day his cousins were near and he decided to play with them; to his surprise they didn’t accept him because he was a quiet boy and he was different because of his color, they even called him ugly.

X many years later, when Sammy made it to high school and that was the moment when everything suddenly changed in his life. “ During my high school first years I met people that cared for me and my feelings, people that made me feel at home,” he recalled.

He flourished at this point and he decided to prove what he was capable of. He took the College Board and he graduated from high school and entered college with a 339 IGS. He started his studies in mathematical sciences.

Currently Sammy works in the evening and studies in the daytime. His close friend ________________[name and last name], [Title], regards him as “a real warrior, from every point of view, he cares about us and help us in everything he can and he is convinced that he is going to graduate from this institution.”

Despite his childhood suffering, Sammy would never change his parents for anything. He considers them as the main reason of his success and his inspiration.

Sammy’s courage is impressive and exemplifies success. He is convinced that nobody should feel embarrassed about what they are or the color of their skin. They just need to focus on their dreams and realize them no matter what.

Right now Sammy has already encourage people not to quit on their dreams. Today he owns his own car, which he bought himself, and is also paying for his college education.. With his hard work and the help of his cousin and his friends Sammy is just a few steps from achieving his life goal.

“ Sometimes I hear students cursing and crying because they cannot handle a course or a class project. Other time I see people mad because they can’t complete a homework or their parents did not give them money to buy some gasoline and I remember my childhood every single time. This is why I want to say to all of them that there are people with worst situations that can keep going,” said Sammy at the end of the interview showing once more that he is an example that every college student should follow in their life.




Sammy recalling his childhood during our interview at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez.


Sammy Feliciano studying for an exam just before the interview.


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