Diversity of Orchids at Mom’s Backyard

By:  Jonathan Torres


A Dendrobium chrysotoxum with pale cream coloured flowers at my mother’s,Iris Yolanda Rodríguez, 51,house, at Cayey. These kind of orchid were first discovered in Southeast Asia and its seeds are constantly exported to other countries due to its great demand. Its flowers are extremely fragrant with the scent of honey.



A Dendrobium biggibum laying on a gray rock surface at Rodríguez’s house. Mom likes white flowers because she feels that they bring peace to the house. This type of orchid has been the floral emblem of Queensland since November 19, 1959.


A Phalaenopsis amabilis on a cloudy day at the wood terrace of Rodríguez’s house. This type of orchid were Rodríguez’s favorite because they tend to grow taller than the other ones without the need of using big pots. “This orchid is my favorite since it can fit any place. The size of the pot does not matter here” said Rodríguez.


A Phalaenopsis aphrodite with light pink flowers beautifying my mother’s backyard. My brothers and I gave this orchid to our mother as a gift for this year mother’s day. “I love this orchid because it reminds me of my sons everytime I look at it” said Rodríguez.



A Cattleya amethystoglossa giving a rustic touch to a wood bank at Rodríguez’s house. Its native range had been greatly reduced due to habitat destruction, logging, and agriculture. “This type of orchid is able to adapt to any kind of weather, including snow” said Ramón Cruz, 64, owner of a nearby garden centre.



A beautiful Cattleya coccinea adding some colorful touches to the backyard of Rodríguez’s house. This orchid was a given to Iris by her mother, Paula, 67, on 2007 at her 44th birthday. “My mother gave me this orchid as a symbol of humbleness, and to remind me that peace and calmness are very important details for having a healthy emotional life”.



An emerald Oncidium maculatum embellishing the rocky soil of Rodríguez’s backyard. This orchid was found by Rodríguez abandoned at the side of the road. “I found this orchid one year ago on the road on my way to home, and I took it because it seemed very pretty to me. I had never stop in the road to take a flower, but this one really caught my attention. One week later, Cruz, whom is an expert on orchids, saw the plant and told me how lucky I was to find this rare orchid original from Mexico” said Rodríguez.


A Dendrobium superbiens hanging from a thin cable on a beautiful shinny day. This type of orchid was for many centuries the nurserymen favorite one, and it was used for hybridization purposes. “This orchid requires special attention since it is very weak and warm weather conditions are extremely required for its health” said Cruz.



A radiant Dendrobium aggregatum adding some delightful touches to a cobblestone surface at Rodríguez’s house. Rodríguez thought that it was very important to add some colors to this part of the house since she says that the cobbles are very dark. This type of orchid is the most common one since it is planted in most of the countries and used for decoration at different places.



A bright Vanda coerulea hanging in front of a mahogany tree at the back of Rodríguez’s house. Rodríguez brought this plant since she wanted an orchid with the ability of developing itself by being fixed or tied to a tree. The juice of its flowers is used as eye drops against glaucoma, cataract and blindness. Active ingredients of this orchid may fight against the visible signs of aging skin.


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